August 30th, 2018
Hello friends!

A quick hello as we move into late summer - may you relish the last of summer's heat as the cooler air will be upon us soon enough.  
Come see and feel how the store is moving with the season.

Here's a selection of what's new in the store...

Chic convertible backpacks, totes and satchels

A smokin' faux suede jacket that transforms our 
former dairy farmer Jan into an incognito celeb ;)

Lightweight and colorful vests

In this book the authors, who are millenials, sisters and best friends share their lessons on trusting your vibes and your heart.  Deep and real, yet silly and fun, this book imparts great wisdom in voices that resonate with younger people.

Here's an extract:

Learning to be present is an on-going process.  We're not going to ask you to sit down cross-legged on the floor, close your eyes, and turn off your brain.  Learning to get present doesn't have to be a struggle, nor does it have to involve sitting anywhere, unless that floats your boat.  So how do you do it?  First, decide that you can do it.  No one drops into instant quiet, so begin at the beginning.  We all have moments of presence all the time, but we don't notice them.  In the car with your friends with your windows down in the summertime, singing at the top of your lungs?  That's being present.  Dancing your heart out?  That's being present... It's the act of quieting the mind and being in the moment.

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Thank you! 

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