Hope all is well.


If you haven't been to my testimonials section of my website in awhile, there have been some new improvements that I spent an hour implementing.

I've always had 3 separate testimonials pages, one for career clients, one for business owner clients, and one for individuals (clients I've helped who are not career or business owner clients).

Here are the new changes I made to improve navigability for visitors to my page who are on a phone as well as just overall professional and visual appeal:

  1. Kristine Rodgers, my first testimonial video in my upper left hand corner on my career seeker page is no longer sideways. Luckily that video was on my Youtube channel, so uploading it to my website that way fixed the sideways issue.
  2. All 3 of my testimonials pages I do not have more than two videos side by side which makes it easier to navigate for visitors on phones.
  3. My individual testimonials page has the two testimonial videos side by side and roughly the same size, before there was an extra column or something that made the videos way smaller and hard to see.
  4. I successfully added Mary's testimonial video (the one I sent out last month) on my business owner page (she's the top left corner) of that page. **PLEASE NOTE THAT I'VE ALWAYS PUT MOST RECENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS AT THE TOP/NEAR THE TOP OF MY PAGE SO THE MOST CURRENT IS EASIER TO ACCESS & VIEW.**

To see these changes, please visit all 3 of my testimonial pages: