August, 2018
  Governor Hogan marked 28th Anniversary of ADA with announcement of new center at University of Maryland
Richard Luecking Co-director CTCI, Jennifer King Rice, Dean of UMD College of Education,  Governor Hogan, Secretary Carol Beatty Maryland Department of Disabilities, and Marcella Franczkowski Asst. State Superintendent for Special Education and Early Intervention Services MSDE
MDOD celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) July 30 with a reception in Annapolis. Governor Hogan presented a proclamation honoring the 28th anniversary of the ADA and announced the new center, The Center for Transition and Career Innovation for Youth with Disabilities (CTCI), located in the University of Maryland College of Education. "The state of Maryland is poised to serve as a national leader in implementing solutions for youth with disabilities that help them achieve a better quality of life," Secretary Beatty said. "For students with disabilities, the transition from school to employment and adult life is a critical time period, which is why career preparation and transition services are a priority for ensuring that youth with disabilities achieve successful employment."
At the reception advocates and business owners presented the mutual benefits of having an inclusive workforce. "E mployABILITY",  a brief video encouraging hiring individuals with disabilities in the workforce, produced by Maryland Public Television (MPT) was presented.  Requests for presentations to professional networks are being accepted.

Tour concludes training in principles of 
Person Centered Planning
Secretary Carol Beatty joined First Lady Yumi Hogan August 3 as she received a group of parents and human service professionals for a tour of the Maryland State House and Government House. Consultant Michael Smull, Former Delegate Sue Kullen, Ardmore CEO Doug McQuade and Ardmore Enterprises hosted the group to share principles of Person Centered Planning.

From Resistance to Resilience - Building Trust and Communication with Disability Communities

Our Director of Emergency Preparedness Policy, Cecilia Warren,  has been invited to speak at the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 19-24. The theme for this year's  conference:
Innovations - Expanding the Possibilities for Success; New Opportunities for Collaborations; or Opportunities & Innovations in the EM Profession.
She will co-present with her counterpart from the District of Columbia. Their presentation will train emergency managers on how to build a program from the ground up that includes stakeholders from the whole community. The momentum of the disability community presents emergency managers with new opportunities to collaborate and improve our programs and service delivery.

Maryland PROMISE comes to a close

The Maryland PROMISE initiative hosted events at UMES & Towson University to expose youth and their families to education, employment and financial resources in their communities.  Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), The Parents' Place of Maryland, American Jobs Center, Maryland CASH Campaign, People on the Go, and PNC Bank participated. Youth and families toured the college campuses and learned about opportunities for further education and training. Speakers from the Ohio State University hosted learning break out sessions.The 5 year Maryland PROMISE grant, which provided enhanced services and supports to Maryland youth with disabilities eligible for SSI, ends this year.
Caregiver Resource Fair & Town Hall at Salisbury University
Saturday, September 15, 8:30-12:30