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NIBCO's and Sumitomo Drive Technologies' expansions
New Websites for SVP and VEDP
SCCF Business Planning Course
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Spotlight: NIBCO and Sumitomo Drive Technologies - Continued Growth

After 14 years in economic development, existing business expansions are still exciting to me. These announcements provide the backbone of our economy and show a commitment to growth in Augusta County and a genuine interest in the well-being of our citizens.
Two great expansions have blessed Augusta County this month - NIBCO and Sumitomo Drive Technologies combined have added 30 new jobs to our economy and given 151 employees opportunities for retraining and upskilling. Click the company names below for more details regarding their respective expansions.
NIBCO - $14M investment; 30 new jobs; 117 retrained employees
Sumitomo Drive Technologies - Multi-million investment; 34 retrained employees
Both companies are providing significant investments for growth. NIBCO, manufacturer of wrot copper fittings, will invest in infrastructure as well as new equipment. Sumitomo Drive Technologies, recently opening its new location within Mill Place Commerce Park, is purchasing new equipment for its Gearbox Center of Excellence.
Watching our economy grow never gets old, and I look forward to the future here in Augusta County.


Amanda Glover, Director of Economic Development & Tourism

Marketing Refresh
New websites for SVP and VEDP

respectively. Check out both to see how the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia are being marketed to prospects, site selectors, and others.

Business Planning Course

The Staunton Creative Community Fund (SCCF) is holding a Business Planning Course with interactive learning designed to help with forming business plans and strategies for existing businesses or business ideas. While the first class was held yesterday, it is not too late to join in! The group will meet on each Wednesday for the next seven weeks.
Contact Debbie at (540) 213-0333 or for more information.


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