May 2022
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  • School's Out May 26th
  • New House Paint Colors
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  • Casino Night
  • Movie Night - Sing 2
  • Wreath Craft Night
  • Aggressive Dogs
  • No Posting on Mailboxes
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  • About Scorpions
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  • Memorial Day
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  • Summer Lawn Care
  • HOA Board Meeting
April Showers Bring
May Flowers!

Arizona's higher elevations typically see flowers in May, and the blooms last well into the summer. An increase in rainfall up north equates to more beautiful Arizona wildflowers. The contrast of vibrant flowers against the backdrop of green is a sight to behold, so get your camera, comfortable outdoor shoes, and plenty of water, and enjoy the rich colors across the state.
Important Notice!
Special CC&R Amendment
Homeowners Need to Vote!

"Yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family homes to rent out or flip." ~ Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2021

The Augusta Ranch community is being targeted by outside investors intent on converting homes into highly profitable Short-Term Rentals (STR's) marketed on VRBO, Airbnb, and similar websites. STR's may appear a suitable strategy for some who are selling their homes right now, but STR's are becoming a severe nuisance for our community and threaten property values.

Augusta Ranch has always allowed Long-Term Rentals. Those rarely cause a problem because the occupants behave as residents who respect and enjoy our community's beauty, tranquility, and amenities. In contrast, STR's increasingly are generating a long string of serious complaints, including:

  • Excessive and Late-Night Noise               
  • Violent Altercations
  • Invasion of Privacy                                    
  • Threatening Behavior
  • Parking Violations
  • Misconduct on Golf Course or Restaurant
  • Police Calls

It's widely recognized that outside investors are becoming increasingly active here locally. Families move out, weekenders pull in, and the complaints pile up. HOA's throughout the East Valley are making covenant changes to rein in this unfortunate trend. Augusta Ranch is one of the few that has not yet acted, making our home values increasingly vulnerable.

Your HOA board unanimously urges homeowners to vote YES to adopt this amendment as we strive to protect our beautiful, peaceful family community that we all enjoy. As investors gobble up more and more of our properties, this may be our last chance to stop the invasion.

Click on the buttons below to read the amendment and VOTE by way of giving your written consent.
Please send your vote via mail or email to:

Augusta Ranch HOA
2401 S. Lansing
Mesa, AZ 85209
To encourage ease in voting, we will also offer online access via the VOTEHOANOW. You should receive a time-sensitive postcard and email with instructions for that website.
If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to call Kamin Havens at 480-354-1236 or attend the board meeting on May 16th, at 6:30 PM.
Neighborhood Schools
Last Day of School is May 26th
As the end of the school year approaches, we like to remind drivers and parents about the importance of keeping kids safe during the last week of school and throughout the summer months.

Neighborhood streets that were practically empty during school hours will once again be filled with kids on bikes, skateboards, having lemonade stands – you name it. Drivers need to be extra cautious in looking for children during the summer, especially in the evenings as the temperature goes down.

  • The last week of school is an exciting time for kids, and they may become preoccupied and forget the rules, like looking both ways before crossing the street, riding their bikes safely, and so forth. Use extra caution when driving through school zones and neighborhoods. Despite a neighborhood speed limit being set at 25, it only takes a fraction of a second for an accident or injury.

  • During those last few days of school, be aware that kids may arrive or leave school at different times throughout the day. Kids often have a varied schedule during the summer with summer camps and other activities, so you will never know when to expect children to be playing in the neighborhood.

  • Put the phone down. No text or email is so crucial that it can’t wait the two minutes it takes you to get home. Just wait.

  • Speed limits remain in effect year-round. Remember to stay on alert when driving around playgrounds and parks. Small children are less predictable and harder to see than adults.

  • Watch for clues: a ball in the road, bikes on the sidewalk, or a sprinkler in the yard can mean kids are playing nearby. Anticipate the unexpected.

  • Always check for children as you’re backing your car up. Walk around your vehicle to ensure that there are no little ones behind it.
May Coloring Pages
Graduation Cap Decorating Event at Main Library
Tell your soon-to-be graduate about the free cap decorating event on Thursday, May 12 from 4-6 PM at the Main Library. Friends can gather and decorate caps that are sure to stand out in the crowd with glitter, personalized messages, and other embellishments.
Two Years Tuition and Fees Covered at MCC

The Mesa College Promise is a commitment from the City of Mesa to its residents that all eligible graduating Mesa high school students can attend Mesa Community College for two years with Arizona resident tuition and fees fully funded. Students must be a Mesa resident, show financial need based on FAFSA, and have a 2.0 GPA or higher. The priority deadline for applications is May 15, 2022 for the 2022-23 academic year.
Coming Soon - See Note Below
Exciting New Paint Options
For Your Home!
We are proud to announce new Approved Color Schemes for Augusta Ranch, inspired combinations designed to provide plenty of flexibility. As you contemplate painting your home, you'll want to check this out!

There are now 14 new Approved Color Schemes. Each one features three main color choices that can be used anywhere and three colors that can be used for the trim, popouts, front door, and garage door. You can mix and match them as you please as long as you stay within the palette and colors are applied to the correct designated areas.

In addition, there are 12 alternate front door colors available, which you may use with any of the house paint schemes. These were chosen to give your front door a complementary splash of color if you so desire.

If you prefer to repaint your home's current colors, you may do so. As well, you may choose the original builder colors. All other previous schemes will be discontinued and unavailable.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are currently waiting on Dunn Edwards to add the new color schemes to their website for online viewing and will send out a special announcement as soon as that happens.

Below is an example of a color scheme, so you may see how they are organized. Please do not judge the colors below or on the Dunn Edwards website as accurate, for there can be significant differences between them and actual paint. Instead, choose from paint samples you can collect from Dunn Edwards (nearest to us is at 5959 E Southern Ave #4-5, Mesa, AZ 85206). We will also have a set of samples in the HOA office.
Remember, Before You Buy Paint:

When you are ready to paint your home, be sure to first submit an architectural application for approval. To be reviewed at the next committee meeting, you'll need to submit your request before 5:00 PM on the second Wednesday of that month. Requests received after that will be reviewed the following month.

Follow this link: Architectural Requests to gather the necessary information and forms. As long as your desired paint colors fit within an approved palette, you'll find the process straightforward and quick. Your HOA board members are here to help, so please send us your questions.
May Events Calendar
Saturday, May 7th
Casino Night!
7-10 PM at Scratch Pub & Grill
You can pay for your registration ticket with a credit card through our First Service e-commerce link:
OR you can pay through Venmo: @Augusta-Ranch, 4-Digit Code: 7657
Then you'll need to register through the button below, and please add your last name and the number of people attending. Doing so will enable us to match your registration with your payment.
Friday, May 13th
"Sing 2" Movie Night
Sunset at Golf Course Driving Range
FREE outdoor movie! No registration is needed.

Bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. The regular menu will be available until 8 PM. Appetizers only from 8-9 PM. The kitchen closes at 9 PM.
Wednesday, May 18th
Patriotic Wreath - Craft Night
Sign Up Now!
6-8 PM at Scratch Pub & Grill
You can pay for your registration with a credit card through our First Service e-commerce link:
OR you can pay through Venmo: @Augusta-Ranch, 4-Digit Code: 7657
Then you'll need to register through the button below, and please add your last name and the number of people attending. Doing so will enable us to match your registration with your payment.
Is Your Dog Dangerous?

There have been several reports of aggressive dogs in Augusta Ranch running loose or escaping from their yards and terrifying pedestrians and their leashed dogs.

The rules are simple enough. If you own a dog, you must contain it within your yard using a secure gate (locked), and when taking your dog for a walk, you must keep your dog on a leash. The laws of Arizona clearly state that you may never allow your dog to run loose and become a nuisance or danger to others.
Owners, not breeds, predict whether dogs will be aggressive.
It's true that some dogs get a bad rap. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans are considered aggressive dogs, while Labs and Corgis are supposed to be fun and docile. But one breed isn't necessarily more aggressive than another. One study found that Golden Retrievers were responsible for more bites on children than any other breed. We could then easily say, 'Golden Retrievers are dangerous,' which is not valid.
While breeding might have something to do with temperament, a recent study suggests that a far better predictor of how aggressive a dog will be is what its owner is like. 
Dogs with aggressive or anxious temperaments often have owners with similar personality traits. For example, owners who train their dogs using punishment and negative reinforcement are themselves twice as likely to be aggressive towards strangers and three times as likely to abuse family members. In addition, a person's level of maturity matters. Dogs with owners under 25 were almost twice as likely to be aggressive than dogs with owners over forty. If you lose your cool every time your dog barks at another dog or growls when near its food bowl, and you correct harshly, you're contributing to the dog's aggressiveness.
On the flip side, the same study found that socially friendly and active people tend to have dogs with energetic and gregarious personalities. Unsurprisingly, dogs who attended puppy-training classes were significantly friendlier and well-adjusted. To avoid problems with your dog, learn how to train using positive reinforcement techniques—regardless of what breed you've got.
"It's Me or the Dog" videos are a great place to start.
If your dog bites someone or their pet:

  • After an account is taken, the dog must be quarantined. If the dog has been adequately vaccinated against rabies, it may qualify to be home quarantined.

  • When a dog was not vaccinated correctly or was running at large at the time of the bite, the animal must be quarantined at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control or a veterinarian's office at the owner's expense.

  • At the end of the quarantine period, the health of the dog and its victim will be evaluated.
If your dog is "canine non grata" (unwelcome), barks ferociously at others, snarls protectively over his food, or displays other aggressive behavior—you've got a stressed-out, dangerous animal that requires an enlightened approach to training and probably professional help.

Always outfit such a dog with a muzzle whenever it is in public to protect others in case it gets away from you.
Please Remember
Posting Flyers is Not Allowed
on Community Mailboxes
This is important, please understand. Some of your HOA dues were recently used to cover the cost of painting our community mailboxes. We need to work together to keep them looking nice.
Please don't post flyers
on community mailboxes!

You may not affix anything to the mailboxes, including flyers about missing items or pets and advertisements.

Because when we attempt to remove a flyer that someone has attached, often some of the new paint adheres to the tape and comes off. When this happens, whoever posted the flyer will, unfortunately, be responsible for covering the expense of repainting.
Coming Soon!
Saturday, June 4th
School's Out Party
at Golf Course Driving Range, 4-8 PM
Free! No registration is needed.
Catalytic Converter Theft
Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in Augusta Ranch.

A catalytic converter is an emissions control device found underneath a vehicle. Thieves sell catalytic converters to scrap metal dealers for the precious metals that the devices contain: rhodium, palladium, and platinum.
Arizona law states that it's "unlawful for a person to purchase or sell a used converter unless the purchase or sale is in the ordinary course of business by a commercial motor vehicle parts or repair business in connection with the sale or installation of a new catalytic converter." Yet, it still happens.

Unfortunately, the current state law doesn't make it illegal to possess, solicit or advertise a used catalytic converter. Upcoming legislation is in the works to change this. Meanwhile, learn what you can do to protect your property.
Often-targeted vehicles include Toyota Prius, Ford trucks, Honda Elements and Jeep Cherokees. Thieves often hit trucks and SUVs because it's easier to slide under the vehicle rather than jack it up. Sometimes they unbolt the catalytic converter, but more often, they cut the connecting pipes using a battery-operated saw. This can be so quickly done that the small amount of noise created is ignored.

Check your car insurance:
If you carry liability coverage only, catalytic converter theft is not covered. However, if you have full liability insurance, plus collision and comprehensive policies that repair or replace your car, you are covered. You might consider lowering your deductible amount if you have a high-risk vehicle.

Implement safety measures:
Get to know your neighbors so you can recognize strangers who might be casing vehicles. Park your vehicle in the driveway or closed garage. Invest in motion-sensitive lights aimed explicitly at your vehicle when parked in the driveway. Installing a motion-sensitive dash cam could notify you of a theft in progress or possibly record the getaway car's license plate. You could turn up the sensitivity of your car alarm so that it goes off when thieves jostle your vehicle, but then the alarm blares when a cat jumps on the car in the middle of the night. Perhaps an alarm activated when the vehicle is tilted to one side would be preferable.

Install an anti-theft device:
Investing in a cable locking device is cheaper than replacing a catalytic converter. The anti-theft device installs may range from $250 to $800. The Internet is full of resources for such devices.

Paint your catalytic converter:
Some sources recommend using a high-temperature fluorescent orange paint, such as those sprayed on barbecue grills, on your catalytic converter, and then inscribing your vehicle identification number into the painted surface. Doing so makes it traceable and, in theory, a reputable scrap metal dealer might decline to buy it.

What to do after your catalytic converter is stolen:

If you come out in the morning and start your car, you'll know by the loud exhaust noise that your catalytic converter was stolen. Here are a few steps that can get you going again:

  • File a police report.

  • Contact your insurance company and take pictures of the damaged exhaust pipe where the catalytic converter used to be.

  • Replacing a catalytic converter is expensive, especially if you buy a brand new OEM version. An aftermarket catalytic converter can save you over 80% on the price, a significant saving.

  • Ask the repair shop about adding an anti-theft device to prevent future thefts.
Scratch Pub & Grill
Celebrates May!
Scratch Pub & Grill not only offers delicious food and fun things to do but is an ideal place to meet your neighbors and make new friends. Along with its impressive menu, Scratch features big-screen televisions, fun game and craft nights, and live entertainment! Check out the dates below and enjoy some well-deserved downtime!
We would love for you to join us for the fun
times taking place at Scratch in May!

Happy Hour
Monday - Friday 4-7 PM
Join us for drink specials.
Taco Tuesdays
Check Facebook for Tuesday's
$2 Truly Tasty Tacos 5-9 PM
Thursday Burgers
Check Facebook on Thursday for Bodacious Burgers 5-9 PM.
Friday Features
Check Facebook on Friday for our Fabulous Friday Features 5-9 PM.
Country Music
Trivia & Prizes!
Tuesday, May 10th, 6-8 PM
Dave McClanahan
Live Music!
Friday, May 13th, 6-9 PM
For Private Events
Patio Only Closed
Saturday, May 14th
Saturday, May 21st
(The inside restaurant
will be open as usual.)
Legacies of Late Celebrities
Trivia & Prizes!
Tuesday, May 24th, 6-8 PM
Brad Maitland
Live Music!
Friday, May 27th, 6-9 PM
KingMike & Dutch Duo
Live Music!
Friday, May 6th
6-9 PM
Kentucky Derby
Best Hat Contest!
Saturday, May 7th
3:50 PM
Caribbean Cruisers
Live Music!
Sunday, May 8th
10 AM-2 PM
Mother's Day Brunch
Reservations Required
Sunday, May 8th, 10 AM-2 PM
Musical Bingo
Tuesday, May 17th, 6-8 PM
Remnants of Soul
Live Music!
Friday, May 20th, 6-9 PM
Woodstock Sunday
Costume Party & Prizes!
"Street Player" Live Music!
Sunday, May 29th, 6-9 PM
News & Events for May
Top Tracer Technology
Since the pandemic, we are delighted to report that golf is having a strong resurgence in popularity. The time is right for Augusta Ranch Golf Course to step up its offerings to meet the increased demand and stay competitive. Top Tracer is an exciting technology that is fast becoming the standard expectation. If you are a golfer, you're going to love this!

Click here and here to see some video examples of Top Tracer.
The image below shows where the Top Tracer setup will be installed relative to our driving range.
for Augusta Ranch Golf Club.
Folds of Honor Golf Tournament
A spectacular success, on April 9, 2022, the Augusta Ranch Golf Club held the Folds of Honor Golf Tournament, raising $4654 divided between the Fraternal Order of Police and PGA Hope!

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation. Learn more at:

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Learn more at:
May 30th is Memorial Day
Your Security Patrol Team
If you need Security, call them directly at 480-518-3399.

Your Security Patrol Team
Here When You Need Them!
Security cannot respond to text messages,
as they are unable to authenticate the caller.

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team consists of three full-time armed guards licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The guards patrol our community approximately 18 hours per day, seven days a week, continuously changing schedules. They work through Valley Protective Services, Inc., and have a close working relationship with the Mesa Police Department, who may rely on our guards to assist when needed.

When is it appropriate to call Security? 
Possible reasons to call Security might include parking violations, solicitors, trespassing, open garage door, criminal damage, animal control, lost/found property, and any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles. For neighborhood non-emergencies, we're here to help!

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team: 480-518-3399
To submit a security report online: 

Mesa Police non-emergency line: 480-644-2211, option 2
Our Newest Security Officers
When you have the chance, be sure to welcome our newest security officers, Jacob and Zach. You will find them serious about protecting our community yet friendly and easy to talk to!
Officer Jacob McCoy
Officer Jacob McCoy joined Valley Wide Security on New Year’s Day, 2022. Previously, he worked security in Texas, developing a wide range of skills that include TSA, apartment security, and political official VIP protection.

His desire to join law enforcement began when he was a child and grew stronger after taking a criminal justice class in high school. To support his career goals, he is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from Purdue.

Jacob strives to serve the Augusta Ranch community with dignity, integrity, and respect.
Officer Zachary Smith
Officer Zach Smith joined our Valley Wide Security team last month. After growing up in Milford, CT, Zach set his career on the right path by signing with the Marine Corps, where he served for four years as an Engineer. He continues his service as an Infantryman in the Army National Guard.

Zach feels fortunate to be in the service of others. He is pursuing a career in the private security field where he can best put his skills to use. He actively seeks proper training and guidance to become most efficient and effective on the job for the Augusta Ranch community.
Security Newsletter
Something About Scorpions

Within Augusta Ranch, there are pockets of land where scorpions are common, due to environmental reasons. Residents within those areas regularly see scorpions, while the others never do.

The above photo is of a bark scorpion.
They are tan-yellow-orange in color, small (around 3" in length), have dark eyes on top of their heads, slender pinchers, and tails that rest curled parallel to the surface.

Most people are familiar with scorpions' characteristic pinchers in the front and their tails with a stinger in the back. They are eight-legged arthropods closely related to spiders. They sleep during the day and become active at night. They do not return to the same sleeping spot each night. Scorpions do not make nests, so you don't need to worry about an infestation. However, where you find one, there will likely be others nearby.

Scorpions are a natural part of our desert environment. They prey on almost anything smaller than them, such as crickets, spiders, centipedes, and other pest insects. They even provide population control of smaller scorpions, which they will actively hunt.

Why Do They Go Inside?

Scorpions don't consciously choose to live in your home because there is no readily accessible food or water source. Those that get inside will likely die due to starvation or dehydration. Typically, a scorpion enters your house due to extremes in weather: cold, rain, drought, or heat. They will seek shelter during these times, and if they can't find it in nature, they'll turn to the most available alternative, your house.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions?

Scorpions are not aggressive. They will not chase you and cannot fly or jump. They are generally quite shy and will do their best to avoid interactions with you or your pets. However, as with any animal, scorpions may become defensive when threatened or cornered. Most people are stung by accident, such as when someone is working in the yard and unknowingly pokes a finger into a sleeping scorpion.

Scorpion stings can be painful (like that of a bee or wasp), but most varieties are harmless. Overall, in Arizona, the larger the variety of scorpions, the less dangerous they are. It's the little ones that are a bit worrisome.

Bark Scorpions:

In our area, there is only one species of scorpion that you need to be concerned about: the bark scorpion (see photo above). They normally live under rocks, piles of wood, and tree bark — hence, the name. They prefer cooler, moist environments and are attracted to bathrooms and kitchens inside your home.

Their venom is potent enough to cause severe reactions. Young children, older adults, and pets are most at risk of serious complications. Hospitals and veterinarians in our area typically carry antivenom specifically to treat bark scorpion venom. If you live in an area where scorpions are common, you are encouraged to find and record the nearest sources of antivenom, so you won't have to search for it should someone get stung. The quicker you get medical attention the better, as the antivenom cannot reverse the effects of venom once they've begun, but it can prevent it from getting worse.

As scary as this may be, the bark scorpion sting is rarely life-threatening. While the number of victims stung each year in Arizona is reported in the thousands, there have been only two recorded human fatalities since 1968. 

What To Do When You Find One:

If you find a scorpion in your home, stay calm. Don't scream or throw things at it, as doing so will likely cause the scorpion to run away and hide. Not knowing where the scorpion is can only increase your anxiety. The ideal thing to do is gently sweep the scorpion into a deep container and deposit it outside, far from your home. If you've lost track of a scorpion, try using a black light to locate it. Their exoskeletons will glow brightly under UV light.

It's never a good idea to handle a scorpion, even if it appears to be dead (as it might not be). And of course, you shouldn't try to keep one as a pet. If you can't get a scorpion out of your house, hire a professional.

Prepare Your Yard:

In areas where scorpions are prevalent, here are some strategies to reduce their numbers in your yard:

  • Remove piles of rocks, flagstone, trash, building materials, or firewood. These provide hiding spots for scorpions and places where they might find food. It's not a good idea to keep firewood inside the house either.

  • Keep your grass mowed. Scorpions will hide in tall grass.

  • Cut branches so that they aren't touching your house.

  • Inspect and shake out gardening gloves, boots, and clothing before using. Store them in a well-sealed garden or deck box.

  • Don't leave personal items outside. Scorpions may get into them and be carried indoors.

  • Use yellow lights outdoors. Lights attract insects at night, which attract scorpions who feed on them. Yellow lights are less attractive.

  • Address underlying pest problems that could attract scorpions by covering trash cans and compost bins with lids.

  • Keep garages and sheds clear of clutter and well-organized.

  • Reduce excess humidity by fixing leaky plumbing.

Prepare Your Home:

If your house appears to be closed tight and you don't leave the windows open, it may seem like a mystery when you find a scorpion inside. How in the world did it get there? Bark scorpions are excellent climbers. They can flatten themselves down to 1/16th of an inch, which allows them to fit through tiny crevices in your home's windows, doors, and cracks. If you see a scorpion inside, you can be sure there is an opening somewhere.

  • Seal up cracks in the walls and foundation using caulk and foam.

  • Install weather stripping and door sweeps.

  • Examine your window screens regularly and mend any holes as soon as you find them.


Pesticides that kill scorpions are quite harsh and negatively affect songbirds who eat insects. Pesticides and sticky traps should be used as a last resort if a scorpion problem persists (after you clean up your yard and seal off your home). Read the labels carefully, follow directions strictly, and wear the proper protective equipment as recommended by the product. Harris Scorpion Killer is an EPA registered formula that may work well for your specific needs. It comes in a gallon amount and has a sprayer attached for easy use.

You should always consult with a professional if you can't identify a scorpion in your home, don't have experience handling them, or are worried about their presence.
Landscape Notes:
A friendly reminder that you need to keep your lawn green and well-maintained with the weeds under control during the growing season.
Augusta Ranch Common Area
Irrigation Issues
See Something, Say Something 😀👍

Anytime you are walking in the community and notice any
irrigation issues in need of repair, please call 480-354-1236 or email Kamin with the location. Or you may call Security at 480-518-3399.

Reporting what you observe is especially important if you see a quantity of water running down the street, which may indicate a stuck-open valve. A while back, a valve was stuck on overnight, running for over 8 hours. As you might imagine, the community water bill was affected! Where possible, Security can turn the water off until the landscape crew gets back onsite.

We appreciate your help in protecting Augusta Ranch resources!
HOA Annual Meeting

May 16th, 6:30 Sign-In, 7:00PM Meeting
Homeowners are always welcome to attend.

The Board of Directors establishes the basic policies of the HOA and oversees operations and procedures. Many projects are in the works at any one time to benefit the community. The Board meets on the third Monday of every month to make decisions that move these projects forward. Board meetings are open to all residents of Augusta Ranch, and we welcome you to attend. Records of the agenda and minutes are available on the Augusta Ranch website:

We appreciate each of you and are delighted to
serve a community that cares and is involved!