7th Edition September 2021
Monthly News & Updates
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September is "Good Neighbor" Month!
In this issue:
  • Watch for School Kids
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Coloring Pages
  • It's Football Season!
  • Follow Us on Facebook
  • Home Improvements
  • Special Thanks
  • Vendors Wanted!
  • Good Pet Neighbors
  • Report Vandalism
  • September Calendar
  • Eggsquisite Sweets
  • Scratch Pub & Grill
  • Golf Course Events
  • Buy Coffee Support Vets
  • Security Safety Tips
  • Overnight Parking
  • HOA Board Meeting
Watch for Our Kids!

For School Updates:
Reducing Traffic near
Augusta Ranch Elementary School
Children Riding Bikes On Their Way To School With Mother
If you have been in the Augusta Ranch Elementary School area during drop-off and pick-up times, you know how congested it can be. So many cars in one place cause a great deal of frustration and delays for everyone driving through the community.

How You Can Help:

If you are not there for a student, please avoid the streets near the school during the hours of 7:30-8:15 AM and 2:30-3:15 PM.

For those accompanying children to and from school, perhaps you could ride your bikes or walk, while at the same time enjoying some pleasant, stress-free time together.

We appreciate everyone's effort to help reduce the traffic near the Augusta Ranch Elementary School!
September Coloring Pages
Click images below for full-size printables.
It's Football Season!
Scratch Pub & Grill will have the NFL SUNDAY TICKET for all games, starting September 12th! There will be Specials throughout the NFL season, including Sunday Breakfast Buffet from 9:00 AM-Noon, Gameday Menu from 10:00 AM to closing, a $5 Bloody Mary Bar, $5 22-ounce Seasonal Brews, and $4 Mimosas. Join us!
Happy Home Improvements
As September welcomes in the milder weather, perhaps you are thinking about improving the look of your home and are wondering about gaining approval from your HOA Architectural Committee. What is the process, and how difficult is it?

To be reviewed at the next committee meeting, you'll need to submit your request before 5:00 PM on the second Wednesday of that month. Requests received after that will be reviewed the following month.

Visit the Request Manager on the Augusta Ranch website to gather the necessary information and forms. Your friendly HOA board members are here to help, so feel free to send us your questions! As long as your desired updates fit within the Architectural Guidelines, you'll find gaining approval quick and straightforward.

Fresh Paint for Your Home

If your home needs paint or you would like to change the color, be sure first to submit an architectural application. There are lots of beautiful, approved color choices on the Dunn Edwards website.

Landscape Enhancements
Each front yard is required to have (2) 15-gallon trees or (1) tree and (1) tree substitute, such as a cactus, ocotillo, bird of paradise, or similar plant that is 3 feet or higher in height, and (6) 5-gallon shrubs.

These are minimum requirements, so of course, you may have more or bigger plants. As long as your plant choices do not interfere with the neighbors, the gravel is an approved color, and your yard is well-maintained, you are free to design the garden of your dreams! For any significant changes, be sure to send in a request for approval.

House Numbers
It is a legal requirement that all homes have house numbers that are easy to read from the street. House numbers are there to provide for your safety as well as convenience.

If you would like to keep your original address placard, please keep it painted the same colors as it was initially.
Recently, the HOA Board approved alternate styles for house numbers. You will need to submit an architectural application if you plan to replace your numbers with something other than the original design. Just submit an image and description (size and materials) of what you want, and if it fits within the guidelines, you'll easily gain approval.
Special Thanks!

Thank you to these featured service providers who have contributed significantly to the beautification of Augusta Ranch!
We're looking for more vendors!
October 16, 2021 - 2:00-6:00 PM
Tell your friends!

We are actively seeking additional vendors to register and secure their spots at our well-attended Oktoberfest. Businesses, artists, community groups, and crafts vendors of all kinds are encouraged to join in the fun and display their wares. 
The Augusta Ranch Oktoberfest is a family-friendly, free-admission community event that is open to the public. This event will feature live entertainment, face painting, photo booth, stein hold competitions, beer gardens, German-style food, and more. Here is a beautiful opportunity for vendors to share their specialties within an upscale community of over 2200 homes.
There are no fees involved (only a refundable deposit), and the benefits include gaining visibility for neighborhood commerce and the potential of expanding customer bases. Vendors will each receive a page on the HOA events website to advertise goods and services, which will stay in place for an entire year. We look forward to working together to make Augusta Ranch Oktoberfest a happy, fun-filled experience for all. Please tell your friends!
Scoop the Poop Reminder
Please Be a Good Pet Neighbor!
Keep our yards and community pet waste-free! 

In Augusta Ranch, pets are considered an integral part of many families. If you’re a pet owner, you likely know the importance of having rules and being considerate of others. Occasionally, however, some dog owners need a reminder.

Pet waste receptacles and free baggies have been provided for your use in the common areas. The disposal stations are located at strategic places throughout the neighborhood.

While walking your dog in our neighborhood, please do not allow your pooch to poop in someone's yard. Always carry a couple of bags with you and clean up your pet's mess. There is no excuse for thoughtlessness. Please be a good pet neighbor!
Please Help Stop Vandalism
Augusta Ranch is a beautiful, well-maintained, safe, and family-focused community. However, a small number of residents seem intent on devaluing and disrespecting our homes and neighborhood.

Over this last year, vandals have caused significant destruction to our community. The most recent issues involve our neighborhood playground equipment, trees, irrigation clocks, and mailboxes. Such damage is extremely costly to repair and thus affects the benefits your HOA is capable of providing.

While our security team is constantly on the watch for our residences as well as the common areas and other places of congregation, they cannot be everywhere at once. We need the full support of our caring residents to help protect your most valuable material assets. If you notice suspicious activity, please immediately report it to our security team. Take photos of the perpetrators and identifying clues if possible. All such reports will be held in confidence.

To the vandals and thieves, we are prosecuting to the fullest extent permissible by law. You should be ashamed of yourselves for committing any crime, let alone against your neighbors.
September Events Calendar
EggsQuisite Sweets Dessert Trailer
Scratch Pub & Grill

Scratch Pub & Grill not only offers some of the tastiest food around but loads of entertainment and games. So come on over and bring your family, friends, and neighbors. This is your kind of place!
Happy Hour
Monday - Friday 4-7 PM
Join us for drink specials.
Taco on Tuesdays
Facebook for Tuesday's
Truly Tasty Tacos 4-9 PM
Burgers on Thursday
Facebook on Thursday for this week's Terrific Burger 4-9 PM.
Dinner Feature on Friday
Facebook on Friday for our Chef's Fabulous Feature 5-9 PM.
Trivia Nights
September 14 & 28, 6-8 PM
Remnants of Soul
September 18, 7-10 PM
Movie Night - TBA
September TBA, Sunset
Street Player
September 26, 2-6 PM
Zach Nightingale
September 3, 6-9 PM
Music Video Bingo
September 7, 6-8 PM
Zach Nightingale
September 10, 6-9 PM
Ronnie Leach
September 11, 1-5 PM
Brad Maitland
September 17, 6-10 PM
September 21, 6-9 PM
September 25, 6-10 PM
Golf Course Events
Security Safety Tips

If you need Security,
call them directly at
Security will not respond to text messages,
as they cannot authenticate the caller.
Please Remember:
Remove Vehicles From
Street at Night
The idea behind the Augusta Ranch parking regulations is to protect our neighborhood while ensuring the safe usage of private property.

HOA members are encouraged to review the official Augusta Ranch Parking Policy to make certain they understand the rules relating to when and where parking is allowed, citations, notices, and fines.

On occasion, there may arise a temporary need to park on the street overnight, in which case you are welcome to request an Overnight Parking Permit.
Next HOA Board Meeting

The next HOA Board meeting will be held on Monday, September 20th, 6:30 PM, at the Mesa Police Substation, 2430 S. Ellsworth, Mesa, AZ 85209.

Go to augustaranch.org for more information, including meeting dates, locations, minutes, and financials.