7th Edition July 2021
Monthly News & Updates
See our website for information on HOA board meetings and minutes, overnight parking permits, architectural requests, and more!
In this issue:
  • NEW Events Website
  • Find Us on Facebook
  • Vendors for Oktoberfest
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • July Events Calendar
  • Summer Kid's Club
  • Scratch Pub & Grill Events
  • Back To School Party
  • Community Parks
  • Golf Course Events
  • Buy Coffee Support Vets
  • City of Mesa Fireworks
  • Security Safety Tips
  • HOA Board News

Augusta Ranch now has an EVENTS CALENDAR website!
Please share this information with your neighbors and friends. We want everyone to feel included. One place for all Augusta Ranch events, updated each week with locations, times, and details. We hope this will become a valuable and inspiring resource for you. Check our events calendar for what you might expect to see, and know that you’ll also find the unexpected!
Vendors Wanted
October 16, 2021
2:00-6:00 PM
Who Do You Know?

We are inviting vendors to register ASAP and secure their spot at our well-attended festival. The Augusta Ranch Oktoberfest is a free admission event featuring local artisans and business owners, live entertainment, face painting, photo booth, stein hold competitions, beer gardens, German-style food, and more. Businesses, artists, community groups, and crafts vendors of all kinds are encouraged to join in the fun. Here is an opportunity to expose your business to a community of over 2200 homes. We look forward to working together to make Augusta Ranch Oktoberfest a truly one-of-a-kind experience for all. Thank you for considering us!
Time to Trim Palm Trees

Enjoy Your Summer!

Augusta Ranch Elementary
Desert Ridge Junior High

Desert Ridge High School
July Events Calendar
Summer Kid's Club
Click on posters below to view full size.
Summer Kid's Club
Wednesday, July 14
9-11 AM

Fun things to do!
"Under the Sea Odyssey"

Register your child for this Summer Kid's Club class by July 3rd!
Summer Kid's Club
Wednesday, July 21
9-11 AM

Fun things to do!
"The Great Outdoors"

Register your child for this Summer Kid's Club class by July 10th! 
Scratch Pub & Grill

Scratch Pub & Grill not only offers some of the tastiest food around but loads of entertainment and games. So come on over and bring your family, friends, and neighbors. This is your kind of place!

  • Taco Tuesdays 4-9 PM
  • Burger Night Thursdays 4-9 PM
  • Friday Dinner Features 5-9 PM
  • Happy Hour 4-7 PM, Monday-Friday

Take a look at all the fun you will have. Hope to see you there!
Trivia Night
80's TV Shows! July 6, 6-8 PM
Brad Maitland
Live Music - July 16, 6-10 PM
Street Player
Live Music - July 24, 6-9 PM
Trivia Night
Every Other Tuesday
6-8 PM
Taco Tuesdays 4-9 PM
Each Week Something New!
Music Video Bingo
July 13, 6-8 PM
Dave McClanahan
Live Music - July 23, 6-9 PM
Karaoke Night
July 27, 6-9 PM
80's Dance & Costume Party
July 31, 6-9 PM
Zach Nightingale
Live Music - July 9, 6-10 PM
Augusta Ranch HOA and Scratch Pub & Grill
Family Fun - Bring Your Friends and Neighbors!
July 30th
Cold Drinks & Tasty BBQ
Waterslide & Dessert Truck 5-8 PM
Live Music by Zach Nightingale 5-9 PM
Augusta Ranch Parks

Augusta Ranch parks and playgrounds are open!
Always play safe; the use of these parks is at your own risk.
Please follow the CDC guidelines.
Golf Course Events
City of Mesa
Fireworks Notice

The use, discharge, or ignition of Arizona Permissible Consumer Fireworks is strictly limited to private property with the owner’s permission.

The use, discharge, or ignition of fireworks is prohibited in public parks, public retention basins, and public facilities.

SALE of Consumer Permissible Fireworks is limited to:

April 25 - May 6
May 20 - July 6
December 10 - January 3

USE of Consumer Permissible Fireworks is limited to:

May 4-6
June 24 - July 6
December 24 - January 3

Pursuant to A.R.S. 36-1609, a person shall not sell, permit, or authorize the sale of Arizona permissible consumer fireworks to a person who is under 16 years of age.

However, the sale and use of novelties known as snappers (pop-its), party poppers, glow worms, snakes, toy smoke devices, and sparklers are permitted at all times.

Security Tips & Information

If you need Security,
call them directly at

Security will not respond to text messages, as they cannot authenticate the caller.
HOA Board News & Information
Architectural Guidelines Update

Address Numbers | Address Markers

  1. Each residence is required to provide and maintain address identification numerals located on the building structure at all times, which are legible and visible from the street and comply with the City of Mesa criteria.
  2. Address identification numbers shall be made of durable, low-maintenance materials such as metal, wood, tile, and paint. Materials used for address identification may not be shiny or reflective.
  3. Numbers to be sized between 2.5” and 8”.
  4. Stud/Stand-off mounted letters may be used and attached to the exterior wall. The mounted letters are to be made of metal. The finished coating is to be appropriate for exterior exposures. The letters are to be mounted so that the studs hold them off the finished wall 1⁄4 inch to 1⁄2 inch.
  5. Numbers can be applied in either vertical or horizontal placement.
  6. The mounting height of a horizontal address marker is to be mounted between 4.5 to 6.5 feet above floor level or congruent with the original builder installed location.
  7. Address markers and numbers are to compliment the home.
  8. The architectural committee reserves the right not to approve any address identification or address marker that the architectural committee deems in its sole discretion to be: too bold, out of character with the architecture of the home, too large, too decorative or ornate, too artsy, too plain, or otherwise inappropriate.

You must submit an architectural application
before installing new address markers.

Next HOA Board Meeting

The next HOA board meeting will be held on Monday, July 19th at 6:30 PM, the Mesa Police Substation, 2430 S. Ellsworth, Mesa.

Go to augustaranch.org for more information, including meeting dates, locations, minutes, and financials.