Confirmation Connection
Welcome to Confirmation!
It is week five of the Confirmation Connection! This week is the halfway point of the Ten Commandments. A reminder, you are receiving this email for one of three reasons. 1) You are a confirmation student. 2) You are a parent/guardian of a confirmation student and agreed to receive communications. 3) You are a small group leader. In other words, you are getting this because you are part of the program and this is how we will work together for now.
Step 1- Watch the video
Welcome & Introduction Video
Welcome to week five of Confirmation! We will continue with the Ten Commandments. Watch this video to hear an introduction to this week's topic, announcements, and join in a prayer.
Step 2- Talk about the lesson
Discussion Guide
After watching the introduction video, use the discussion guide to talk, reflect, and learn more about the commandment.
Step 3 - Put it into practice
Where Faith Meets Life Practice
Each week there will be a Where Faith Meets Life Practice for each student to complete. Completion of the practice is how we will track participation and attendance. These practices are designed to help students connect the lesson for the week with everyday life.

Fifth Commandment Practice:
“We must not kill either by hand, heart, or word, by signs or gestures, or by aiding or abetting.”
-Source from Book of Concord, The Large Catechism: p. 411,Matthew 5

During the week keep track of the times you notice someone helping, saving, or preventing another person from getting hurt physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Please turn in your responses no later than next Tuesday, November 17. You can submit your responses by email to
  • Rotation B meets in-person this Wednesday, November 11 at 6:00 pm.
  • This Wednesday, November 11 at 3:00 pm a check-in for at-home learners who are signed up for this time slot.
Faith Habits to Practice