Confirmation Connection
Welcome to Hybrid & At-home Confirmation!
Welcome to a new year of Confirmation and our new weekly Confirmation Connection! You are receiving this email for one of two reasons. 1) You are a confirmation student. 2) You are a parent/guardian of a confirmation student and agreed to receive communications. In other words, you are getting this because you are part of the program and this is how we will work together for now.

Everything you need to participate each week will be included here!
First Commandment - God & Idols
Welcome & Introduction Video
As begin a new year, we will start with the Ten Commandments. Watch this video to hear an introduction to this week's topic, announcements, and join in a prayer.
Discussion Guide
After watching the introduction video, use the discussion guide to talk, reflect, and learn more about the commandment.
Where Faith Meets Life Practice
Each week there will be a Where Faith Meets Life Practice for each student to complete. Completion of the practice is how we will track participation and attendance. These practices are designed to help students connect the lesson for the week with everyday life.

First Commandment Practice:
What are the top five things that distract you or pull you away from your relationship with God? How does each item on your list get in the way of you following the first commandment?

Please turn in your responses no later than next Tuesday, October 13. You can submit your responses by email to
  • Rotation A meets in-person this Wednesday, October 7 at 6:00 pm.

  • No confirmation for anyone next week. Enjoy your MEA break!

  • FMSC on Wednesday, October 14! Augustana has 10 tables reserved. Maximum group size is 5 people at a table. If you signup with less than 5 people, you will be the only people at an assigned table, due to social distancing requirements. Minimum age is now 8 yrs old. Please go to and read COVID-19 Update and watch the video "What to expect when packing at FMSC in 2020". If you would like to make a reservation, email