August 2023

behind the SCENES

a pipefitter's daughter

"Well, I was born a pipefitter's daughter

In a house, on a hill on Logan Way

We weren't poor and we were loved

That's the thing Daddy made sure of

As he piped enough to round the world three times."

-revised in the spirit of Andrew Cika's song

parodies that he often sang to his houseful of daughters

As a little girl, I eagerly looked forward to working at our family business, AC Plumbing & Heating, riding around in the Big Blue truck, and getting my hands dirty. But my father was tired of the rigors of entrepreneurship long before I was able to join him. Instead, I explored business owner dreams as a reporter first with the Youngstown Business Journal and later with the American City Business Journals in markets around the country. There I chose to make one of my beats the intricacies of a family-owned business. 


Family Enterprise USA reports that there are 5.5. million U.S. family businesses and they are the heartbeat driving many local economies. These businesses of varying sizes contribute 57% of the GDP, employ 63% of the workforce, and are responsible for 78% of all new job creation. That means family-owned businesses employ more than 98 million people! That is a serious impact. Check out their 2023 Family Business Survey Final Report

As my father found, there are some unique challenges that come with these businesses including clear delegation of duties, defined roles and responsibilities, emotional family + friend relationships, the struggle to separate family and work, and succession planning. As if these challenges aren’t enough to navigate, there are certainly generational differences of opinion on how to integrate outsiders into the business. 

MARQUEE understands what it takes to run a small business. We want to take the stress and the multiple hours that it takes to market the business off the entrepreneur's already full plate. MARQUEE is there as a partner to assist in revising your website, managing your social media content and Google ads budget, selecting your local event sponsorship, or creating promotional giveaways. We make sure that your choices are the best expenditure of your marketing budget providing proven results instead of “I told you so’s”.   

Over time, MARQUEE has navigated the delicate marketing and event challenges of several local family-owned businesses - names synonymous with the Mahoning Valley - Redlich, Burgan, and Kravitz now Rydarowicz to name a few. We are proud to help these business owners' efficiency so they can have time for the important things - like enjoying their families.

Aundréa Cika Heschmeyer, President

the creative SCOOP

In post-COVID world, Liberty Township felt it was important to get people back out buying from local merchants.  To represent the diversity of the business corridor, they wanted an inclusive graphic representation to remind shoppers throughout the region what was going on in their community.

We built the logo to effectively showcase hotels, restaurants, shops and the event and expo center. Adding words describing the mission helps in this case, but the stand alone version without the structures works great on its own. The car was even animated for social media and television ads!

Take 2 - This year’s project - Building a Better Belmont - presented a similar requirement. Only this time, more color and a bolder approach was requested. The logo intentionally shares similarities to the Liberty Township to create a sense of connectedness between the township and this project. It also focuses on buildings, specifically highlighting the hospital (the building on the left with the windows). To the right, there is also a tree to emphasize that this project involves adding more landscaping to the corridor.

This use of vibrant storytelling and illustrations can be a good solution. Print Magazine recently took a look at how one housing nonprofit made use of these techniques in its new identity. Learn more here.  

MARQUEE designed the Liberty for All logo to showcase a snippet of Belmont business storefronts and landmarks.

Build a Better Belmont logo designed by Megan Wonderly , Marquee's Graphic Designer, reflects a similar architectural storytelling approach.

3rd Ward Councilwoman Samantha Turner explains plans for Build a Better Belmont .

shining the SPOTLIGHT

Each day in August, the top delicatessens in the country offer specials highlighting the best of Jewish deli cuisine. National Deli Month is certainly celebrated locally at the Valley’s own Kravitz Deli. 

MARQUEE strategized a full digital campaign to bring community and brand awareness, drive user engagement, and worked with the leadership to select charitable beneficiaries. Graphic design, social media, and digital advertising were implemented to ensure the success of the event.

Owner Matthew Rydarowicz selected to work with The Mahoning Valley Fatherhood Coalition this year. He said chose this charity because fatherhood changed his life. “I grew up without my father in my life every day so when I found I was going to have a child I decided I was going to do things differently,” he said, noting his five-year-old son Kameron is the inspiration for his success. 

“I made serious changes and tough choices with my son in mind. I hope that this fundraiser can help others make similar decisions leading to better family success.” Interested in learning more about National Deli Month? Check out the full story here.

Megan Duden,

Digital Marketing Director


in the KNOW

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the industry TRENDS

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MARQUEE shows you all the coming attractions in marketing.



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