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Howdy, My Quilty Friends!

As some of you may know... I'm putting together a SUPER FUN class that is requiring me to find a few fabrics that I do not stock. For example, Terry Cloth! I've located a vendor that has sent me the fabric, BUT... in the wrong color! So.., I'll add it to my inventory for sale, but typically, this is not something that I would stock. GREY Terry Cloth... the color is gorgeous, but NOT the color that I need!! If any of you would like to buy some Grey Terry Cloth, I am selling it at a GREAT price! This would make some LOVELY bath towels! The cool thing is, this fabric is 58" wide, so If you would like a really LONNNG Bath towel, get a few yards of it, add a hem to the cut ends.. and POOF, a GIANT bath towel or beach towel.

Here's the link if you are interested: Terry Cloth

And, as SOON as I get the correct color Terry Cloth in house, we WILL be making Cheeseburgers!!!! That is ALL the hint that you get for now! (heehee!!)

New Fabric Arrivals:

Sweet as Honey is a new collection and SUPER CUTE!! As soon as the blender fabrics come in this week, we will be making kits. I can't WAIT to show you how cute this pattern is!!!

Ok, check out this freaking AWESOME Turtle Odyssey Panel I can't believe how REAL it looks!! QT Fabrics are coming out with some AMAZING fabric lines!! Add a few borders, and POOF, you have yourself (or a gift for a friend) a quick and easy quilt.

Do you need Patriotic fabrics for your QOV's? WHICH, by the way, I've included a FREE pattern below! Well, check out Proud & True. From Flags & Fireworks to fun bold banners. It also has a nice bold diagonal print, and WHO doesn't love a good diagonal for bindings?

Stay safe, my friends... Have an AWESOME day!

SWEET Quilty hugs from,

Carol & Leo

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New Arrivals
Sassy Sunflower
Wide backs
Small Projects

3.5" Bloc-Loc Ruler

3.5" Square Up Ruler

Shop: Bloc-Loc Rulers

Here is a GREAT video for using the Bloc Loc Rulers... and stay until the end where she shows how to square up a Quarter Square triangle!

3/16" 100% Cotton Braided Rope

Solid braid cotton rope is a firm, round, braided cord. This popular rope is made from 100% natural cotton yarn with no finish and is commonly referred to as cotton weeping cord. 

Other applications for this product includes:

  • Window Sash Cord
  • Awning Cord
  • Tent Lines
  • Clothes Line
  • Halyards
  • Braided Rope crafts
  • Rope Bowls

.15¢ per foot

Shop: Braided Cotton Rope

~ ~ New Fabric ~ ~

Gray Terry Cloth???

Yep! The vendor shipped me the wrong fabric, and said "Keep it!" (At a discount, of course).

This fabric is 58.5" wide and as LONNNNGGG as you would like! Buy a few yards of it, and make yourself a HUGE bath or beach towel. Be the envy at the beach this summer with a new towel!!

Shop: Terry Cloth

Sweet As Honey

Create a buzz with bears and honey inspired projects!

Bears, bees, hives, honeycombs, and sunflowers mix and match

in authentic color and a hint of whimsical design. ©Dan Morris

Shop: Sweet As Honey

Sea turtles and coastal motifs are center stage in an underwater adventure! Wildlife enthusiasts and shore lovers alike will delight in projects featuring these beloved ancient sea dwellers.

 ©Carol Cavalaris

Shop: Turtle Odyssey

MORE Patriotic Fabrics Have Arrived

Proud & True

Shop: Proud & True

A FREE Quilt of Valor Pattern by Moda

EVEN MORE Sassy Kits

have been added...

What IS a Sassy Sunflower Kit?

  • Five 1/2 yard cuts of coordinating fabrics
  • a FREE pattern with each kit
  • Eight NINE different patterns to choose from
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Grab a few to take to Retreat
  • Awesome to give as gifts!

Whip up a few today!

Shop: Sassy Sunflower Quilt kits

A *NEW* Sassy Sunflower Pattern

called: Square Affair

~ ~ Classes ~ ~

10% off In-Store purchases the day of your class

Classes only seat 6 people

Reserving a full-sized table for each guest

Finishing School

Let's get those unbound quilts finished!

Friday, May 26 9:30am to 4pm

(2 seats left)

Sign Up: Finishing School

Embroidered Rope Bowl

Two Dates Available

Friday, June 23 9:30am to 4pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday, June 24 9:30am to 4pm (SOLD OUT)

~ ~ Newly added ~ ~

Friday, August 25, 9:30am to 4pm (2 seats left)

Saturday, August 26, 9:30am to 4pm

Sign Up: Rope Bowl

Introducing another fun

Wonky Bird Class created by:

Rebecca J. Penniston

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Razbeca's Build-a-Bird

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YOU pick the body & beak

YOU pick the legs, & boots

YOU choose your wings & tail

YOU give it the personality

Entire kit which will include ALL birdy body parts, along with several backgrounds, batting, binding, and designs of your choice will be provided!

Come & Create your ONE-of-a-kind Wonky Bird!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, Sept 8 (SOLD OUT)

9:30am to 4:30pm


Friday, Oct. 13

9:30am to 4:30pm

Sign Up: Build-a-Bird

Open Sew or AccuQuilt Time

Dates are set up into June 2023

Bring in ANY project that you need help with!!

Open Sew Signup
AccuQuilt Signup

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