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Local Advocacy Initiatives

A urora Chamber Advocacy Committee Report
Commercial Tax Rates in Aurora & Looking Ahead 

The Advocacy Committee has looked into the commercial tax rates for Aurora and surrounding areas and has found some interesting trends. The Committee will work to get more details from the Town of Aurora and provide an overview in the fall. This is key information for competitive advantage for attracting and retaining businesses and their employees.

Also in the fall, the Committee will work with the business community to establish key priority areas for advocacy. Through round table meetings with key businesses, the committee hopes to learn how we can engage the local government and build on the valuable work already being done by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) to raise awareness of the Aurora business community and advocate for important issues.

Vicky McGrath, 
Chair, Aurora Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee
What's Holding Your Business Back?  
As the largest and most influential business association in Aurora, we are the voice of our members and the Aurora business community. We bring Aurora business issues to the forefront and we work to create positive change. 

If you are a member of the local business community and have a concern about something affecting your business, contact the Chamber to share your issue. We stand up for all Aurora businesses!

Provincial Advocacy Initiatives & News

Advocacy Initiatives from the  Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC)
Keep Ontario Working

After the release of the Changing Workplaces Review, the Ontario government released their Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs plan, outlining planned reforms to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and the Labour Relations Act (LRA), as well as plans for raising minimum wage to $15/hour.

The OCC and the Keep Ontario Working (KOW) coalition responded to this announcement, calling on the government to conduct an independent economic analysis on the proposed reforms to consider the unintended consequences, including job losses, rising consumer costs and economic hardship.

Moving forward, the KOW Coalition is regularly providing updates on this advocacy work at www.keepontarioworking.ca .

There are a number of ways you can get involved and speak up about the proposed labour changes. S end a letter today with the KOW letter writing campaign. 
Talent Transition: Addressing the Skills Mismatch in Ontario

On Tuesday, June 20 the OCC released Talent Transition: Addressing the Skills Mismatch in Ontario .

The report identifies 10 recommendations designed to improve the alignment between the skills acquired by Ontarians with those required in the labour market. The OCC will continue their advocacy efforts on issues pertaining to skills and workforce development throughout 2017.

National Advocacy Initiatives & News

Advocacy Initiatives from the  Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
Modernizing NAFTA: Join the Campaign!

As business communities around the world rise up to advocate the benefits of trade, in this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, Hendrik Brakel, CCC Senior Director, Economic, Financial and Tax Policy, reflects on how the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is supporting the bilateral trade relationship between Canada and the U.S. through its efforts and future visits to key U.S. states.

With the Canadian Chamber playing a direct role in Canada's NAFTA negotiations, we're encouraging businesses, large and small, in all sectors to join forces in building an effective strategy to ensure the future of trade. Read this edition of 5 Minutes for Business to find out what opportunities Hendrik foresees for trade negotiations and what you can do to put the power of the chamber network behind NAFTA. 

Win for Business: Suspension of Unfair Provision in Anti-Spam Legislation 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the federal government’s decision to halt the coming into force of the Private Right of Action provision of Canada’s anti-spam legislation that would have hurt Canadian businesses.
The PRA was particularly worrisome as it would have exposed business to potentially unjust and costly litigation. The Private Right of Action Provision would have allowed individuals to take legal action against any company which sent them an email they did not want to receive, without proof of damages.
“This is a big win for all Canadians. Businesses rely on their capacity to communicate with their clients, and some of these measures would have limited their capacity to do this,” said the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Chamber. “Additionally, this provision would cost Canadians heavily in lost productivity and mischievous litigation,” said Mr. Beatty.
For years, the Chamber has lobbied on behalf of its members to convince the government to re-examine CASL’s damaging impact on Canadian business.
“We applaud the government’s decision. And we are very supportive of the decision to ask Parliament to undertake a full review of the law” said Mr. Beatty.
Additional information about CASL and the Private Right of Action Provision:
  • CASL regulates the flow of e-commerce by requiring consent to send a commercial electronic message. However the law goes far beyond what most would consider to be spam and includes business to business messages.
  • Under the provisions, companies could be hit with $200 in statutory damages for each contravention, or perceived contravention, not exceeding $1,000,000 for each day. 
  • While the balance of CASL remains in force, the PRA was not scheduled to come into force until July 1st 2017.
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