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Key updates from the Aurora Chamber of Commerce
2019 Federal Budget: Rapid Policy Update
On March 19, the Government of Canada presented its 2019 Federal Budget entitled  Investing in the Middle Class , which provides an update on the government’s finances and makes several policy announcements and spending commitments that will impact Canadian businesses and the economy.

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with the federal government, the  Canadian Chamber of Commerce   and the  Ontario Chamber of Commerce   to bring local business issues to the forefront and work to create positive change.
Advocacy Blog | 2019 Advocacy Day at Queen's Park
On Monday, March 25, Sandra Ferri, Executive Director of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and Al Wilson, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors and Chair of the Advocacy Committee, attended the fourth annual Advocacy Day at Queen's Park...

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Key Updates from Leona Alleslev, MP Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill
MP’s Report on SNC-Lavalin

Leona Alleslev, Member of Parliament for Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill discusses the SNC-Lavalin scandal.
Key Updates from the Aurora Public Library
Aurora Public Library: Where Your Business is Our Business

Free courses, business events and books to upgrade your skills, increase your knowledge and improve your business success.
Provincial News & Opportunities
Key Updates from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC)
On March 19, the Government of Canada released its  2019 Federal Budget,"Investing in the Middle Class."

Despite a projected deficit of $19.8 billion, Budget 2019 made little effort towards addressing the issues we raised in our  federal pre-budget submission , which urged the government to focus on creating a business climate that encourages growth through reforming Canada’s tax system, providing sustainable multi-payer drug coverage, and nurturing the innovation economy.

Challenges relating to access to talent, regulation, and the cost of doing business remain major sources of concern for our membership. The government’s proposed solutions fall short in making real change for Canada to be competitive in the global economy

Government of Ontario News
National News & Opportunities
Key Updates from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Policy Update: 2019 Federal Budget
On March 19, the Government of Canada released their 2019 Federal Budget, which failed to address the fundamental issues that continue to undermine the ability of Canada business to create more jobs and generate more prosperity for all Canadians.
While the Budget did deliver on some of our specific policy proposals outlined in its  Pre-Budget Submission  and  policy resolutions , we remain concerned over a number of issues that have not been addressed, such as:

  • A commitment to a comprehensive review of the taxation system to make it fair and less cumbersome for businesses.
  • A broad-based commitment to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses.
  • A renewed commitment to eliminating inter-provincial trade barriers and mobility.
  • Support for SMEs to help them find new export opportunities and expand Canada’s ability to diversify its trade.
  • A clear strategy to move the Trans Mountain pipeline forward, given the significant investment made by Canadian taxpayers.

Policy Update: A Taxing Issue for Canadians
The current taxation system is out of date and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, along with various partners is calling on the government to create a royal commission on taxation. The painfully outdated system needs a revamp so that it can best align with the digital economy and better promote investment.

Read the Report: Modernizing Canada’s Tax System
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