Ausblick Newsletter

Spring 2022

Reflecting back upon the 2021-2022 season may leave one wondering “What seemed different” this season. And while at the writing of this newsletter I haven’t found seasonal statistics posted anywhere, I’m confident in guessing that natural snow (or lack thereof) may be the answer. Regardless, our club managed to serve our membership in spite of moderate temperatures which made it difficult to open earlier than December 22, 2021; and then came the warmth, rain and wind which set in around mid-March but still allowed us to enjoy our last Wednesday Evening with entertainment on March 16, 2022. In the end, our opening was only five (5) days later than our season average of December 17th. We would have liked at least two more weeks in the early season for our Race Team to practice and possibly up to two weeks more of spring snowsports and sunny deck socializing that members always look forward to. We did enjoy a nice, sunny Sunday the 20th for our last day of the season.


Looking back to our opening on December 22nd, it could have been later had Dennis Evinrude not been able to complete the snowmaking improvements that allowed us to make enough snow in record time once the weather dropped sufficiently enough to make snow rather than slush. Way to go Dennis.


Once opened, Outside Operation Manager Kyle Martola and crew did another outstanding job all season with features, variety and consistently perfectly groomed runs for all to enjoy, especially those taking advantage of our Snowsport Program headed up by Director Lynn Mallach. Lynn reports having six fewer weekend days this season available as a result of our delayed opening and other blocked out opportunities, however total revenues on lessons set a new record. Lynn’s new Snowboard Development offering this past season was attended by 96 students. Lynn’s attention to providing snowsports offerings focusing on our membership interests is a significant contribution to the Ausblick experience.


This past season’s signature event was the Celebration of our Ausblick Ski Club and General Manager Dennis Evinrude’s 50th. Anniversary! Having launch the celebration January 1st with a chairlift ride in the “Golden Chair” by Dennis, along with senior members Betty Jo Aspell and Bob Kuelthau; the season continued on with several events commemorating the milestone achieved. It’s likely the upcoming season will continue with additional reminders of our 50th season, right up through December 31, 2022.


And to the Ausblick Race organization, congratulations on another outstanding season, to which their achievements included MWAR overall Team champions (U14-Female-Allison Belt & Male champion Mason Katzfuss). Wisconsin High School All-State Team (Alex Deubel-Overall State Champion, 2nd GS, 2nd SL, SG champion, Blake Bence – GS champion, 3rd SL, Payton Bradford-3rd SL), and of the eight USSA athletes sent to the U14 & 16 Rocky Central Championships out west, Jordan Young earned 5th in SL representing Ausblick Race. Congratulations to the team and coaches for another successful season.


In spite of the weather this past season, our club continues to flourish. Our Wait-List has grown substantially due to Guest experiences while here. The completion of our snowmaking & lighting system upgrades will certainly help next season, providing mother-nature delivers the right temperatures. All of the above requires outstanding leadership and management by the Ausblick Ski Club Team and employees, dozens of Snowsports Instructors, our groomers, lift operations, front office staff and those making snow throughout the night early in the season and certainly our Membership Ski Patrol who are always available when needed . Congratulations to G.M. Dennis, Snowsports Director Lynn, Outside Ops Manager Kyle and all their respective staff for another memorable season.


In closing, my sincerest appreciation to the Ausblick Board whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with this past season. Ausblick continues to be “The Midwest’s Finest Ski Club” where Families enjoy friendships and Memories are made for decades to come.


Bob Turowski

President – Ausblick Ski Club

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