July 22, 2020                                                     Issue No. 37

To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends! 

During the COVID-19 lock down gripping the entire world, LifeNets has been able to do its work with as much vigor as ever. The support has been extraordinary as people in a time of trial also think of others in their trials.   

Beverly with children in Mufumbwe, Zambia
Thank you very much for your interest and support of LifeNets and for taking the time to read this, our latest newsletter. We have much to share with you.

We just held a regular USA LifeNets board meeting and exclaimed to each other how fulfilling it's been to have a part in helping so many people worldwide. On our LifeNets website, we have posted 14 different stories about projects since early March.  We have helped in Malawi, Zambia, Estonia, Vietnam, Philippines, Central  and South America,  Ukraine. Projects included scholarships, water projects, construction, agriculture.

In this newsletter we give a brief summary of five of our recent projects.  

Thank  you for your support.  

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Thank you for making LifeNets the charity of your choice. Be sure to visit our LifeNets website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed as well as our LifeNets blog for up to date information about ongoing projects.    

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Beverly Kubik  

PS: Please check out the NEW LifeNets Australia Website. We thank our partners in Australia for their vision and support of projects!   

Changing of the Guard at LifeNets Australia 
The Management Committee of LifeNets Australia has a new look. When LifeNets was incorporated in July, 2016, Tom Burchard was appointed as President, and Bill Eddington as Secretary. Both had a long history with LifeNets from its small beginnings in 2001. Tom stepped down in December, 2020 and his place was taken by Breen Schipke who was a member of the Management Committee. Now, Bill has stepped down and his position
taken by Ruth Root, also a member of the Committee.

Bill Eddington

Ruth Root

Breen Schipke
Both Breen and Ruth have a strong commitment to the work of LifeNets and this "changing of the guard" will provide not only continuity, but fresh thinking on its activities. This has already been reflected in the creation of website and Facebook features and a submission to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission for LifeNets Australia to be endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. This endorsement, which is expected to approved, enables donors to claim their financial contributions as an offset against their taxable income.

It is hoped that all of these initiatives will enable LifeNets Australia to broaden its activities in helping people and communities in the less developed parts of the world.
Watermelons in Brazil
Here's a March 2020 report from LifeNets farm project in Maloca de Moscou in Northern Brazil.  LifeNets has been supporting this agricultural project that includes cattle for a number of years.  

Our Plantation Project is bearing fruit as you can see!  Jorge de Campos, overseer of the Portuguese-speaking area writes: "This is an outcome of the agricultural project we were involved with in Maloca. Finally, some of the families are making a go of it.

Ana, Benedito da Silva's wife, is driving the project with two other families to make a business of the Watermelon Plantation.  To see more very interesting photos of this luscious project that is  providing greater sustainability please see posting on our Website at   https://lifenets.org/watermelons-in-brazil/

For earlier stories about our work in this area, please visit: 
LifeNets Well and Self-Sustaining Agricultural Project in Northern Brazil Update


How LifeNets Changed the Life of the Hussein's in Malawi    
This project is made possible by the Luker Foundation which is part of LifeNets.  We thank LeeAnn Luker for her interest and support for this humane action.


The new Hussein home.

Our  LifeNets accountant Dan Ringo wrote this: 

"I am overwhelmed by the commendable job LifeNets is doing in changing people's lives by offering support even to those who have no hope that their future will be brighter someday because they are financially challenged to move forward. A few days ago I had a chat with Mr Hussein (Paliza). The conversation I had with him is what inspired me to share his story with the LifeNets team and everyone out there who have a heart of helping those who have no means of helping themselves.

The family posing at the construction site of the new home  
"Both Paliza and his wife Agness, come from poor families, they did not have the privilege to go further with their school nor have the capital to start a tangible business, regardless of their poor backgrounds, these two make a family which has stuck together through the worst circumstances in life. By the time that LifeNets first helped Paliza and his family, he was working as a security guard, earning K35,000 a month (about $50) with 10 kids to feed, dress, and to school.  At that time two of his elder sons were in secondary school and on the verge of dropping out because of school fees. By the grace of God, LifeNets came in and started supporting the boys by providing school fees."

You can  read the full story and see more photos at https://lifenets.org/how-lifenets-changed-the-life-of-the-husseins-in-malawi/

Below is the one room that the entire family lived in before moving into the new house. 


Malawi Namatapanya Irrigation Pump Story

Report from our LifeNets account Dan Ringo in Blantyre, Malawi:

"In 2018 LifeNets bought a treadle pump and a sprayer for Mr Namatapanya (a father to six whose source of income is subsistence farming). This was done upon his request for assistance. He had plans of farming throughout the year without relying much on rains. 

"Fast forward to 2020: I visited the Namatapanya family again to check how well he is doing in his farming business.

"Just like the previous year, the rainy season did not last long in this part of southern Malawi, just like other farmers in his village, most of his crops withered. Mr Namatapanya's farm has more than one natural source of water but  he could no longer use the treadle pump to water his crops for it required more energy than he could manage. But because he only earns a living through farming he could not just sit around. Luckily enough he grows cassava on one side of his house which is a drought resistant crop. When he harvests this crop he sells some, eats some and the rest is used as a wage for people helping him cultivate his farm. This was the same farm which failed to produce a good harvest due to shorter rain season. He also grows pigeon peas, sweet potatoes, maize and vegetables on the other side of his house, drawing water from a borehole near his house and carrying the water using 20 litre gallons in his wheelbarrow and pouring directly on the plants until each and every plant is watered. That way even when his main farm fails he still has a little harvest for his family. His children also partly depends on their father's harvest.

"Sadly one night in March this year his useful wheelbarrow was stolen, before that night, he was the only person with a wheelbarrow in his village, for this reason people from the village would come to borrow the wheelbarrow at a fee of K500 (75 cents US) per day. The mighty wheelbarrow was being used for several works like carrying, manure, bags of fertilizer, maize, bricks etc. from one place to another within the village.

Malawi Irrigation Pump
"Last week on behalf of LifeNets I went ahead and purchased the irrigation pump and its fittings for Mr Namatapanya and family.  Also bought 5 litres petrol and 500ml oil as a starter pack.

"We unpacked the pump and tested the pump at one of his farms, It worked well. Today I spoke with his son who told me they are now sowing seeds, a thing that would have been impossible if LifeNets had not given them this type of support. Mr Namatapanya extends his gratitude, He plans to farm throughout the year and not wait for the rainy season. I plan on visiting him again after two or three months to check how he is doing.

Hear the sound of Life in the clip below

LifeNets Namatapanya farm waterJuly 15 2020 movie

LifeNets Namatapanya farm water. July 15 2020 

Mr and Mrs Namatapanya and son

"Now Mr Namatapanya's hopes of farming throughout the year has been revived. He thanks LifeNets for supporting him with a petrol operated irrigation pump and a new wheelbarrow. Yesterday he informed me that he will be sowing seeds in his main farm which he started cultivating soon after he heard that LifeNets will supply him with the irrigation pump. He also went further to extend his gratitude to LifeNets' president and all those who take part in making LifeNets alive for the support that one of his sons is receiving in studying motor vehicle mechanics which according to him, once completed, it will be the highest achievement in his family."

You see more photos on our website at https://lifenets.org/malawi-irrigation-pump/

Estonia Ergo Musica

LifeNets has helped  UCG member Artur Aleksandrov in Tallinn, Estonia with his efforts to provide comfort and entertainment for disabled people. He sends us this report about the new non-profit that he has started. He writes:  

Dear LifeNets board:

Another season of touching and emotionally fulfilling concerts is complete. This was our first full season working as a registered non-profit which we named Ergo Musica.

Opera singer Lada Sheinina
Martin Trudnikov.
After about 3 years of providing social concerts me and an Adventist coworker in this labor have decided to establish a non-profit charity organization. The name Ergo Musica is coombination of Greek and Latin and carries the sense of the labor of music or music as a solution to emotional needs and problems.  Our goals include  using music for fundraising, for charities and for bringing touching live music to people, whose access to cultural events
is restricted due to health, physical or financial reasons. Another goal of our non-profit is to provide opportunities for paid performances (including via gift cards) for disabled musicians. I am currently looking for some stable ways to find funding for our non-profit.
This winter season, which lasted from the beginning of December 2019 to beginning of March 2020, we managed to accomplish the following:
  1. We've organized and conducted 6 concerts in three districts of Tallinn. These include social centers, day centers for the mentally handicapped and elderly homes. All in all, about 230-260 people attended our concerts.
  2. Three disabled people presented music at our concerts. 
Tu Scholarship Report from Vietnam
"I'm a student majoring in tourism and travel management. After graduating from university, I would like to work in the tourism department in a foreign embassy or consulate. I love exploring new places and interacting with new people. If I have the chance, I would like to go abroad for studying more or for work. Learning languages is my cup of tea. I can speak English, Chinese, and a bit of French.

I am always willing to help people in difficult situations, sometimes I run into children and the elderly who sell lottery tickets on the street, I stop by and help them by buying a ticket. Or simply buying a bottle of water or a dumpling for a public sanitation worker. There are a lot of homeless and poor people where I live, I know I myself have to struggle with my life also. So I can't help all of them, but what I can do is to help with what I can.
Finally, I sincerely appreciate LifeNets for helping me finish school."

--  Ngyyen Anh Tu
How to Effortlessly Double Your LifeNets Donation 
Many companies will match their employees' and retirees' charitable contributions. Check with your personnel office to see if your company will do so. They will provide the necessary forms and instructions. Then send LifeNets the completed form. Thank you very much! Donations to LifeNets are tax-deductible in the United States.   
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