October 29, 2019                                                     Issue No. 35

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To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends! 

We have reached a significant milestone in the history of LifeNets.  LifeNets became a 501 (c) (3) charity 20 years ago in November 1999.  We thank you all of you for your support of our many successful programs to help people around the world.  Thank you very much for your interest in LifeNets and for taking the time to read this, our latest newsletter.    
Many things have been happening these past few months. Our call for help in the areas of drought was well responded to. Thanks to all of you funds have been sent to the affected areas for food supplies. We have also sent some funds for seed and fertilizer packs and additional will be sent as needed. The packs consist of seed and fertilizer to put into the ground in hopes of a better year to come. Prayers for rain in due season would be greatly appreciated.   The rainy season in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe begins late October with harvest season in May and June. 

As previously mentioned six boreholes were drilled in Zambia and another one is to be drilled now before the rains begin. Most drilling is done doing the dry season when the water tables are at their lowest and the drill goes deep to source water at 150 to 200 feet deep. In that way it should not go dry doing period of drought.

We appreciate those of you who support our scholarship programs. About 100 students receive support each year. The new year for many will begin again very soon. 

In an effort to support food security, LifeNets has funded a Co-operative in Malawi to plant and irrigate 1 hectare (about 2 1/2 acres) for growing produce year around.  The first crop of Irish potatoes was planted about a month ago. Prayers for its success are also appreciated.

That's all for now. We will plan to update you again in December.

We do ask, as you are able, to help us with your tax-exempt gifts. On the  homepage of our LifeNets Website (  www.lifenets.org   ) you can donate via PayPal or credit card, Please continue to donate as you are able; we cannot do it without your help.  Any amount is extremely welcome.

Remember to ask the company you work for if they match donated charitable funds. This is a great way to double your donation to LifeNets. 

For those wishing to contribute by check, the address is

LifeNets International
1227 Woodchase Trl
Batavia, OH 45103

Thank you for making LifeNets the charity of your choice. Be sure  to visit our LifeNets website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed as well as our LifeNets blog listed at the bottom of this newsletter for up-to-date information about ongoing projects.    

With love and appreciation to all of you.



Beverly Kubik  
Zambia boreholes from LifeNets Australia
Video of the transformation of a village through a borehole sponsored by LifeNets Australia.
Zambia borehole from LifeNets Australia

News of Latin American Scholarships  
Most of our children in Latin America are poor, but they show a great attitude and attend Services with great dedication. They really put some of the US kids to shame as far as their involvement and faithfulness.

The oldest, around five in number, in part thanks to the LifeNets scholarships, are attending different universities and doing quite well to become full-fledged professionals. It is great to see what Victor and Beverly Kubik's dedication has done by founding LifeNets and helped so many of the Church kids in Latin America. There are 11 of them in Colombia alone (33 in total) receiving these LifeNets scholarships every month to help defray their university costs. Some could not afford to finish their university careers without this help.
-- Mario Seiglie
Helping with Hurricane Dorian Relief in the Bahamas 
Hurricane Dorian has been one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record. The storm's  onslaught was particularly acute because it stalled over this area, hardly moving as it continued to wreak havoc (the hurricane pummeled the Bahamas for more than two days in early September. LifeNets has helped towards getting people's home become livable.

Abaco Island and Marsh Harbour Bahamas on Sept. 5, 2019, devastated by Hurricane Dorian. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo by Kris Grogan)

Caribbean area UCG senior pastor Chuck Smith and his assistant Jeff Lockhart have organized the first shipment of emergency relief that was delivered by boat to Freeport. With generous help from Home Depot, Ferguson Supply, Publix, and funds provided by Good Works and LifeNets,  10 families  received much needed food, water and rebuilding supplies. 

T o date, we have shipped over 11,000 lbs. of building materials, food, water, etc. Then, a few volunteers went over to assist with electrical work, roof repair, and installing tile.   

This first shipment consisted of bottled water, rice, crackers, peanut butter, canned goods and other food stuffs, two shallow water pumps to get some fresh water with the help of a generator, flashlights and a solar radio, heavy duty can openers, 25 interior and exterior doors to replace those on the members' houses that were blown off by the wind or damaged by the flood waters. Once the doors are in place, most of the members will be able to lock and secure their houses (crime and looting are now a real concern). The shipment also contained electric wire, plugs and switches to replace the saltwater-damaged ones in the houses  
Famine Aid to Southern Angola

LifeNets President Beverly Kubik Donating for Drought Relief in Southern Angola on July visit.
On our visit to Luanda, Angola LifeNets made its first humanitarian relief donation for Angola on July 29, 2019. The southern province Cunena of Angola has suffered from three years of drought.  This past year has been most acute as crop losses have brought on starvation and death. There are more than 200 brethren that live in this area.  Their pastor had come to visit us in while we were in Luanda and told us about their plight. 

The young people in the Luanda congregations have also organized relief calling their  group "Projecto Solidario" for the Cunena Province.  It was heart-warming to see their own people involved so heavily in the relief efforts. They were wearing t-shirts  with this message on the Sabbath when we were there.

There are 45 members living in the drought zone, but they are helping others, too.  that involved 220 people including children.  We gave $400 to Fernando Macai for drought relief and food for the town of Ondjiba in the Cunene province.  There has been three years of drought and no rain last year.  This is the same geographical zone that our drought in Zambia and Zimbabwe is found. We had assisted in this area, too, and that story is at  https://lifenets.org/zambia-drought-food-relief-2019/
Helping Victims of Japan's Worst Typhoon in 100 Years
Japan was hit with the worst typhoon in a century called "Hagibis" on October 12, 2019.  The eye of this storm made landfall in Japan south-west of Tokyo. It worked its way up the east coast towards Fukushima, already suffered in the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Thirty people in the Fukushima area died, 80 overall in Japan, from the worst typhoon in 100 years with some areas receiving 40 percent of their annual rain in the span of a few days.

LifeNets helped the people of Fukushima back in 2011 through our LifeNets representative Dr. Yumi Yamamoto. We helped with other needs as well since that time and you can see the stories on this website at  https://lifenets.org/japan/.  Dr. Yumi Yamamoto was very helpful to us in the Philippines during their category 5 typhoon Hayan in 2013,

Now, we are helping some of the victims back in Fukushima.

Through our LifeNets representative Dr. Yumi Yamamoto, we have been distributing rice cookers, electric blankets and other needed items to victims.  

Flooding in the Fukushima area
Wheelchair Donations  
This year we are on track for matching 100 donors with recipients with wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Amy Stephens drops by a wheelchair for the LifeNets Wheelchair Program.  http://lifenets.org/wheelchair  
Zimbabwe Food Delivery  
August 25, 2019

Here is a report from Mike Mukarati in Zimbabwe about food deliveries from us.....


From August 3 to 6 I travelled to Manoti in rural Gokwe to deliver the second batch of Food to our people there. As before, I travelled by car up to Gokwe town and then proceeded by public transport to Manoti which is the main business centre for our brethren who live about 30 kilometres from there in Chemba area.

Owing to power outages and resultant telecommunication blackout I failed to meet with Vensen Moyo at Manoti as in the previous visit. I was nevertheless able to get the job done, being procurement and delivery of the following food items by hired truck to Chemba:
  • · One tonne maize
  • · 60kg brown sugar
  • · 24 x 2litre bottles of cooking oil.

Best regards and many thanks for the support.
Mike Mukarati

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