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Authentic Action & Genuine Connection
The Power of Working in Groups
In the past couple of months, I've had the remarkable opportunity to settle into two separate group-learning situations. I am not kidding you - these have been super-helpful to me on too many levels to list off here!

So many of us dream of working for ourselves. Of being in control, making all the decisions, and having flexibility and freedom in our schedules and in our checkbooks. If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, consultant or solo-preneur, this was part of your vision, right?

The trouble is that this type of solo work environment can get lonely, especially when challenges and obstacles arise. When we lose patience with the echo of our pen tapping the desk, distractions and daydreams can creep in, bringing self-doubt and defeat along with them.

Truth: groups generate a motivational and inspirational energy that does not happen if you’re on your own. They offer a familiar, safe haven from loneliness, a space to ask for, and offer, support.

Groups provide a learning connection that is ripe for idea generation and collaborative strategizing.
Group Learning Opportunities
6 Tips to Fill the House at Your Next Workshop or Event
Workshops and Events can increase profits and sales, build your brand, and spread awareness about your company and what you do. Your event will help establish connections between you and your customers or community.

As we all know too well, empty chairs can be a real bummer.

At this workshop, we'll discuss 6 strategies to insure that your workshops meet your expectations for attendance.
Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business
This 3- session group program is for solo pros and small business owners who are ready to take control of their digital presence. 

We will work in small collaborative groups to develop a sincere and successful online presence.
3-Session Programs begin soon in Norwood, MA, on SouthCoast, MA
and by Zoom conference call. Contact me for more info.  
Is This Group Learning Opportunity For You? 
Q: How can I avoid the ‘rabbit hole’ of social media?

A: We’ve all been there. We hop on to Facebook to find the answer to some quick question and find ourselves 45 minutes later forgetting why we went on at all.

Here are a few, quick tips on fine-tuning your Facebook experience so that you can make the most of your time on the platform.
  1. Take Control of Your Own News Feed
  2. View a Designated Segment of Your Contacts
  3. Activate Options for Your Feed
  4. Limit the Distractions
  5. Save it for Later
Monthly Small Business Resources
Helpful articles worth reading.
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  • Tribal Marketing in Social Media
This month's titles:
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Spring is just a couple of weeks away!
Now is the time to evaluate and plan your spring marketing.
Do you need to do a little spring cleaning and get your list segmented? Maybe your business is off to a slower start than you envisioned in 2018?
Whatever your situation might be you can use some of the themes and holidays below to give your marketing a fresh update this spring!
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We work with small business owners who want to spend their precious time on creating awesome products and providing valuable services rather than agonizing over their website, email marketing or social media platforms. 

I help you KNOW more so you can DO more.
Not sure where to get started in your digital marketing efforts?
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