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Today is the last day! 

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AB 2943 Announcement

Today is the last day of the legislative session in California, and Assemblyman Low just announced that he has pulled AB 2943. 

This means that he will not bring this to a vote on the Floor today, which was the last opportunity for bills to be voted on this legislative cycle. So this bill will not and cannot go to the Governor to be signed into law this year. If a bill is not voted on by midnight tonight, it is dead. 

We want to thank Assemblyman Low for considering the repercussions of this bill and making the decision to pull it. We believe that we can have disagreements on policy and even life decisions, yet do so in a respectful manner, and that is what we have aimed to do throughout this process. 

We would also like to thank all of the citizens who have taken time to write, call, and visit your legislators. Your action made an impact. Thank you for the trips you've made to the capitol, for the work you've done to educate your friends, family, and fellow church members. We strive to keep you up-to-date on issues that will affect your religious freedom, parental rights, free speech, etc., and in turn, we are grateful when you take the time to voice your opinion to stand for your rights and the rights of others. 

Under AB 2943 all types of counseling, including talk therapy, group sessions, and even journaling, would have been outlawed if it helps a person address unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity questions.

Conferences and retreats, such as a marriage conference or church men's retreat, that help individuals or couples with these issues would have been subject to the law. A variety of services offered by a religious school or college could have also trigger the law, including counseling services, classes, and even school policies that require students to change their sexual behavior as a condition of enrolling in the school. 

We opposed  AB 2943  because it  attacks conscience rights on two fronts: adults seeking to resolve unwanted feelings of sexuality and gender, and counselors, experts, authors and even religious leaders trying to help. 

We are grateful that this bill which threatened religious liberty and free speech has been pulled. It is our commitment to you that we will remain vigilant, keeping you up-to-date on important legislation affecting you, your family, your faith, and your community.