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We live in a world of WORDS.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are approximately 171,474 words in current use. How we put them together can have life changing effects.

Love  Joy   Sorrow    Gratitude  Possibility
Words help us form nations, ponder life’s mysteries, build tall buildings, and cure diseases. Words also start wars, bring tears and sever friendships. We must choose our words carefully, how we use them, where we use them and when we use them. They forge families, communities, and societies.

There are over 38 thousand books in the Osterville Village Library. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to the latest bestseller, they all share WORDS. Books, newspapers, magazines and movies. All can be found in the spacious library. Conversations too…between neighbors and friends, students and teachers.

Everything we share takes shape with WORDS.
On an average COVID day, we welcome nearly a hundred people through our doors. “Good Morning, How are you today?” Our courtesies and conversations are all expressed with WORDS. For some people, these simple salutations may be the only WORDS they hear all day, and so the WORDS become all the more important.

Among the WORDS that mean so much to us…

Thank you. Our staff receives WORDS of thanks for keeping the library open the past nine months of the pandemic. The Osterville Village Library is proud to have consistently offered a welcoming atmosphere for all, whether they seek information or interaction.

Can we help you? WORDS offered to our patrons. Some need help using a computer to find a job or to access remote learning. Some need help finding an appointment for a vaccine.

Keeping the doors of the Osterville Village Library open has been a challenge at times. Never a race, but a call to serve the very community that supports us through the years.
As a community member and a supporter of the Osterville Village Library, I hope you have been able to witness your donation at work. From our Red Cross Blood Drives to kids being tutored during the hybrid learning time, your contribution has made a difference.
As we emerge from the pandemic in 2021, there is much we would like to accomplish to further serve the community. Our children will once again have the pleasure of playing with one another. Library activities can provide a safe environment. Adults affected by changes in the job market will seek to upskill in search of better opportunity. Our computer lab and free access databases are powerful tools toward this end.

The time and effort we have invested in doing our part to help the community endure the pandemic is not at an end. With your help we would like to continue being of service to our community. There is yet work to be done to recover from the setbacks.
We hope we have found the right WORDS to ask you to support the library this spring with a donation.
With gratitude,

Cyndy Cotton
Executive Director
What's happening next at the Osterville Village Library?
Author Talk: Choices and the Power of Possibility

April 10 | 10 AM | Virtual
Authors Nicole Donovan, A Life Suspended, and J. M. Crawford, Choices, share their memoirs. Two mothers share their unique perspectives on building resilience in the face of adversity while raising their children with autism.

In times of uncertainty and isolation, they found courage and resolve as they pressed forward to secure educational and therapeutic supports to meet their sons' individual needs. Journey with these two women as they share personal stories of love and determination while navigating the confusing world of autism.

Email [email protected] for the Zoom Link. The program will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel.
Join Our Latest Reading Challenge: Spring Into Reading

Register at or download the beanstack app to track your reading.

Some lucky readers in our Spring Into Reading challenge will be eligible to win prizes!

You can join more than one challenge, and your reading can count for all your challenges!
Osterville Library Interviews Greg Berman, Coastal Geologist, to Discuss the Beach Erosion on the Cape
Osterville Library interviews Greg Berman, PG, GISP a coastal processes specialist for Woods Hole Sea Grant (WHSG) and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension (CCCE) where he provides technical assistance on coastal geology topics: shoreline change, erosion control alternatives, potential effects of various human activities on coastal landforms, coastal flood plains, coastal hazards, hazard mitigation analyses, and dune restoration techniques.

In this interview we talk about the erosion on Cape Cod.

Some interesting links:
Shifting Shoreline website:

First Chapter Fridays
Do you ever feel like you're reading the same book over and over? Or are you looking for something new and exciting but not sure where to start?

Well, look no further! Every Friday, we'll be recording a virtual reading of the first chapter of a different book (one children's book and one adult book) to give you a taste of some hits and recommendations.

Catch our most recent chapters below, and tune in to our website or social media weekly and see what grabs your attention!
For adults: His Truth is Marching On by John Lewis, narrated by Gregg
For Kids: Gold Rush Girl by Avi narrated by Wendy
March Madness at OVL
Feeling lucky?

You could win a new 8" Amazon Echo Show and $50.00 in Instant Game Tickets. Who knows how much you could win!

Tickets are $5.00 each, or get 5 tickets for $20.00.

Buy tickets from now until March 31! Drawing is at noon on March 31.
COVID-19 Vaccination Support Inside the Library
We know the process for making an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine is confusing and difficult. We have created an instruction sheet in an effort to assist you in navigating this online process.

Individuals 65 and older without access to the internet or who are unable to schedule their appointment online can call toll free 2-1-1 or (877) 211-6277 for assistance.

Please click here to view the Self Attestation Form, which you will need to print and bring with you to your appointment.

Guidance For People Who Are Fully Vaccinated
Against COVID-19
COVID-19 vaccines that are currently authorized in the United States are very effective at protecting vaccinated people against severe COVID-19. Until more people are vaccinated, prevention measures will continue to be necessary for all people, even people who have been fully vaccinated.
Tips for Getting a Vaccine
New: Get early sign-up alerts, learn a new search tool for pharmacies, and learn even more tips for getting an appointment.
Fun Events for Easter and Passover 2021
Talk with Kip Diggs, State Representative for 2nd Barnstable District
Kip Diggs, State Representative for 2nd Barnstable District, is at the OVL for open office hours every Tuesday from 10 AM-12 PM.
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
2021 Beach Sticker Information
You can apply online, or you can download a form to mail in to get a 2021 beach sticker. A copy of your registration is required--come make a copy at the library, open 7 days a week.
Get Rid of Your Old Documents!
P-3 Shredder at the OVL
Did you know the OVL has a P-3 shredder open to the public? If you have sensitive documents you need to shred, our shredder satisfies not only FACTA, but also HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The shredding service is $1.00 per minute and the machine can handle up to 20 documents at a time.
Positive Self Talk - Affirmations & Mindset
Take at your convenience through UDEMY

If you feel like you are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, with bad habits and low self-esteem holding you back, this course of practical, positive mantras is a powerful way to get your life back on track towards success.

What you'll learn:
  • Practical techniques for living a happier, more fulfilled life
  • Be more confident and assertive
  • Learn how to be more optimistic
  • Boost your resilience
  • Break the cycle of negative thinking
  • Become more creative
  • Find it easy to stay calm in difficult situations
  • Feel content with life
  • Discover how gratitude can make us happier
Grab & Go Crafts
Every week they change! There's always something fun and engaging for the kids.

On display with the crafts are plenty of related books to check out and read.
And Now Introducing...Grab & Go Crafts for Adults!
Our current take-home craft is a book art hedgehog. All ages welcome to take one.

Check back soon to see what's next!
Spring Classes at the Harwich Junior Theatre Company

Book Signing with Ayanna Parrent,
Author of "Becoming Free"

Saturday, May 8 | 10 AM-2 PM
Ayanna Parrent is many things: mother, daughter, sister, wife, POUND Pro, life coach, recovering alcoholic, survivor. Born into a family dynamic struggling to find its foundation, Ayanna resolved not to become like her own mother, an addict who walked a fine line between fierce inspiration and neglectful parent, until the moment she realized that was exactly who she’d become. But despite Ayanna’s own traumatic past, there was within her a spark of hope that finally ignited when a breakthrough occurred during her second time in rehab. That spark helped Ayanna to conceive of and create a business model that is destined to change the face of recovery. It’s all about Becoming Free.
Volunteers Needed
Are you into astronomy or lawn games?
We are looking for volunteer(s) to help with our star gazing at Dowses Beach and to assist with yard games this summer. Email [email protected] if interested!
Check Out Our Bookstore!
Open 7 days a week--you never know what you might find.
Share Your Pandemic Story
Open submissions throughout the duration of the pandemic
Postcards From a Pandemic
Call for submissions!
Open submissions throughout the duration of the pandemic

In collaboration with the William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives, the Cape Pandemic Postcards Project is documenting this unprecedented moment for future generations through your essays, stories, poems, and images that capture the social, emotional, spiritual, and economic impact of COVID-19.

Become part of Cape Cod history!
This collection will capture a diverse cross section of voices, each contributing a unique perspective on how our lives on Cape Cod evolved throughout the duration of the pandemic. In addition to the archive, we are planning to publish an anthology (all proceeds will be donated to a local charity).

Be part of this community-wide endeavor! All residents of all ages are encouraged to participate!

How to Share Your Story

To submit your work, upload via this link*:

For more details, or to browse the current collection, visit our Cape Pandemic Postcards web page via
Follow us on Facebook: @capepandemicpostcards
For more information, contact us at [email protected]

*You will need to sign into your Google account (Gmail). Contact us if you do not have access to Gmail and need help.
Fun and Learning for the Family
Links of Interest, Updated Bi-Monthly

Need to talk? Samaritans are available to listen. During this unprecedented time, it can feel overwhelming to receive constant messages about COVID-19. Please know that we are here for you. Call or text our 24/7 helpline any time at 877-870-4673.

Osterville restaurants open for take-out: 

Please Support Our Osterville Businesses
Upcoming Blood Drives at the OVL
*Registration required*

Monday, April 12
Tuesday, April 13
Wednesday, May 12
Thursday, May 13

Check the Red Cross website for times and appointments.
More Information
The 2020 Experience Osterville Guide is in digital form

Read about Ned Crosby, Growing up Diggs, the Foxhole, and Armstrong-Kelley Park to name a few of the articles in the 2020 edition.

The print version is also available at the library.

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