Tricks ‘N Treats
We are getting things ready for the Holidays and we need YOU! Use the holidays to get your books in front of readers!!
Holiday Hop
We have a great event coming up for the holidays. For you...its easy. We get the readers to your website to find our graphic and you give them a sneak peek (chapter) of your book to entice them to buy!

We will send you a graphic that NEEDS to be live on your website by November 15th. If we can not verify that it is live, we will remove you from the list of participating authors. Thank you!

Show It off Saturday
Have you got a new Halloween or Christmas release? Or do you want to revamp interest in one of your holiday's backlists?

Either way, we got what you need.

As the #1 venue for social marketing and the #1 website for romance, we can give you the most exclusive promo opportunity ever. Our Saturday Show It Off event is featured FREE and without costs on the new Facebook Business and on the Coffee Time Romance blog.

This double posting gives you and your books extra media coverage, and when we post, people read.

You don’t have to pay anything. Don’t have to give away anything. Just sign up HERE, then provide up to 4 posts and that’s it!

Hurry up and join the over 200 authors who have already taken advantage of this awesome opp. Click HERE to sign up now, so you won’t miss out on this free promo opportunity!
Do you have a steampunk Book? Did you know we have an area just for steampunk? Our Steampunk Coordinator, Vicki, is ready for you and wants to help! Set up an event for you or you and your authors.

Make sure we have your books listed!

Black Friday
Keep an eye out for our Black Friday special. We have teamed up with Personalized Marketing to get you going for the new year. So put it on your calendar so you don't miss this great deal!