Dr. Nicole Wozniak is a fully licensed clinical psychologist who works with adolescents struggling with behavioral problems, anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues.

Dr. Nicole is also a certified PATH therapeutic riding instructor, and runs the McCaskill Family Services equine therapy program. She is an avid horse lover and is committed to the idea that the power of the horse contributes uniquely to the therapeutic experience. She has teamed up with the Brighton Equestrian Club to offer both individual and group Equine Therapy.

Dr. Nicole's family continues to grow, as she recently bought a second horse named, Neo, and has already taken him to several competitive shows!

Additionally, Dr. Nicole is the clinic director of our Brighton Location.
If you or someone you know could benefit from working with Dr. Nicole, or are interested in learning more about equine therapy, please contact our office at 734-416-9098, or emails us at office@mccaskillfamilyservices.com