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Let's Talk Autism
Celebrate Autism Awareness Month
April is Autism Awareness Month and several national autism organizations are challenging us all in positive ways. Autism Speaks has asked the world to focus on making 2020 the year of kindness.  The Autism Society of America has called us all to #CelebrateDifferences by focusing on providing information and resources for communities to be more aware of autism, promote acceptance, and be more inclusive in everyday life.
Free Webinar Training Opportunities
Here at the Oklahoma Autism Network, we are taking action to this call by launching our What Works Webinar Series , which will feature weekly one-hour trainings followed by a Q&A. We are also sharing weekly ‘What Works Tips’ on our facebook page and continuing to expand the resources and information available to families and professionals…all of which is taking place virtually on our website and facebook page given our current world circumstances. 

You can learn more about our What Works Webinar Series by visiting our website
Autism Level Up
The month of April can serve as an important reminder to hear and be influenced by the voices of self- advocates like Dr. Jacquelyn Fede. Some of you may remember Jacqueline from our 2019 Oklahoma Statewide Autism Conference. In a recent article she co-wrote with Dr. Amy Laurent entitled, “So, You Want to Autism Level UP!?...Game On!”  She takes autism awareness and break it down into the follow five categories: awareness, acceptance, appreciation, empowerment, and advocacy. She challenges our way of thinking as she presents her unique perspective on the traditional ways these things have been practiced and asks us to take it to the next level. She reminds us that “Empowerment" is supporting and following, and letting autistic people lead you. "Empowerment" is teaching autistic children about themselves and their needs and teaching their peers as well.
"Empowerment" is arming autistic people with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate the world as they are.”
 – Jacquelyn Fede

If you want to learn more about where you are and how to Level Up visit 
Tip of the Week
Take Time to Be Kind to Yourself and Your Family!

The rapid changes we have experienced in the past few weeks can leave us all feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. We encourage you to give yourself some grace and take time to be kind to yourself and your family this week. Take some time each day to do something for yourself and to just enjoy being with your family.
Additional Resources
Please reach out to us if you need help connecting with a resource or if you need technical assistance managing a situation related to your family member with ASD.  

The best way to reach us is by email at okautism@ouhsc.edu

You can also check out additional resources and ideas for Autism Awareness Month on our website at https://okautism.org/Information-Referral/Autism-Awareness

 All OAN staff are working remotely due to restrictions in place at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center due to COVID-19.  

Stay safe and healthy!
The Oklahoma Autism Network Team