January 27, 2015
Vol 1, Issue 2 
A bi-weekly publication from the Center for Autism Research

Terisa Gabrielsen
Brief Observations Miss Autism Symptoms  

A new study suggests that routine visits to the pediatrician are often far too short to accurately identify children at risk for autism.

Early Signs of ASD

What to look for and what to do.

Brain Connections and Infant Behavior

The Infant Sibling Study (IBIS) found differences in the brain development of 7-month-olds who went on to develop ASD. 


The Infant Sibling Study (IBIS)

A mom who participated in the Infant Sibling Study (IBIS) with her child discusses her experiences.

New Diagnosis Workshop (3/25/15) 

This workshop is geared towards parents/caregivers of toddlers and young elementary school children recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.