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Autism Dispatch
ISSUE NO. 7 / JANUARY 30, 2016 
Taking a Different Perspective
Collage of multi-ethnic people smiling
Most autism studies compare groups of people with ASD with groups of neurotypicals. This CAR research team decided to mix things up and ended up with a surprising insight into social skills in ASD.
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Studying the Brain's Fundamental Drum Beat to Understand Autism
Researchers have known for some time that electromagnetic (neural) brain activity is different in individuals on the autism spectrum. In a series of recent studies, CHOP researchers have shown that the resting-state electromagnetic "pulse"  is stronger among individuals on the autism spectrum, and that stronger alpha rhythms are associated with more severe clinical symptoms. 
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CHOP Researchers Identify Gene That Plays Important Role in Autism & Other Neuropsychiatric Conditions
Tara Wenger
A CHOP research team led by CAR's Tara Wenger, PhD, found that genetic mutations in a specific family of genes (mGluRs)- and one gene in particular (RANBP1)- play a significant role  in a person's risk for some of the most severe forms of autism as well as ADHD and other neuropsychiatric conditions.  Moreover, this mGluR family of genes contains hints about how several well-known environmental factors may cause ASD, including prenatal exposure to thalidomide. The scientists say this finding paves the way for developing precision treatments for those who carry this genetic variation. 
CAR's Dr. Susan Levy Invited Delivers Autism Lecture at Middle East's Largest Health Conference in Dubai
Susan Levy, MD, a Developmental Pediatrician at CHOP and a member of CAR's leadership team, was selected to speak on autism diagnosis, therapies, and causes at the 2016 Middle East Pediatric Conference on January 25th in Dubai. Her presentation was highlighted in the United Arab Emirates National newspaper this week
 Help Us Learn More  About ASD!
Infants, children, teens and parents with  and  without ASD can participate in research to help us understand  the causes of ASD and develop effective therapies.  Check out currently-enrolling studies below and sign up for autismMatch!

Infant Brain Imaging Study
Infants between the ages of 3 to 6 months with an older full sibling who is diagnosed with ASD OR is typically developing are eligible to enroll.
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Early Intervention Study
Children younger than age 5 receiving services from Elwyn are eligible to enroll.
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Research on Autism and Developmental Disorders
Children ages 2-5 with OR without ASD may enroll. Children who have an older brother or sister with ASD may enroll at 12 months old. 

Speech & Language Processing Studies
Boys and girls ages 6-10 with OR without ASD are invited to volunteer for this study.

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