February 10, 2015
Vol 1, Issue 3  
A bi-weekly publication from the Center for Autism Research

Employment & Educational Activities for Young Adults with ASD

Researchers found that more autism-focused services are needed for adults with ASD to achieve independence. 


20 Year Outcomes for Adults with ASD

To learn more about adult outcomes, researchers interviewed the parents of adults with ASD who had participated in a study twenty years earlier.  


Coming Soon: Next Steps into Adulthood   

CAR received a grant from Autism Speaks to expand our already successful Next Steps Workshop Series to include Next Steps into Adulthood!

Ideas for the High School Years 

The high school years are an important time to start thinking about the transition to adulthood. The CAR Autism Roadmap(TM) has compiled a list of articles that can help you start brainstorming and planning.

Adolescence Workshop (2/26/15) 

This workshop is geared towards parents/caregivers of pre-teens and young teens diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as the professionals who work with them.