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February 2020
In this Issue... Transportation and Community Participation
As teens on the autism spectrum transition to adulthood, it can be a challenge for parents and care teams to encourage more independence while providing the necessary support to make that possible. The ability to travel from place to place with little to no assistance is one important way young adults can claim more independence while providing crucial access to their community- including healthcare, work or education, and social groups.
In this issue, we look at a new CHOP study on independence and mobility among autistic teens; get a glimpse into how one family approached the decision to pursue a driver’s license; and learn about transportation alternatives for non-drivers.
Ben's Road to a Driver's License

Ben was 21 years old when he passed his driver’s test in August 2018, but his road to a driver's license was more complicated than it is for most teens. In this blog post, Ben’s family shares their experience, in hopes that it might help others decide what’s best for them.

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New Study Supports Independent Mobility for Autistic Teens & Young Adults

Being able to get around on one's own is key to independence and quality of life. For autistic adolescents and their families, it can be difficult to find the support they need to safely - well, navigate- decisions about driving and transportation. CHOP recently received funding for a five-year study to gain a more comprehensive understanding of mobility issues for autistic adolescents.                   

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Featured Study:
How Do Teens Communicate?

CAR is seeking volunteers for a large study to understand how a diagnosis of Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, and/or ADHD affects the way we communicate. Adolescents between the ages of 12-17 with OR without Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and/or ADHD are invited to participate in this study and will be asked to complete a few easy activities involving conversation and movement.

The study also includes a full psychological evaluation by a CHOP expert as well as IQ screening and clinical feedback and guidance, free of charge. Participants will be compensated for their time and travel.

Explore all of our Studies
We have opportunities for all ages, and you do not need an autism diagnosis to participate. 

Most studies include expert clinical feedback that can help to inform the practitioners, teachers, and support teams. Most studies also include compensation for time & travel. 

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