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"Supporting Children with Autism"
With over 30 articles, this issue provides science-based treatment options and supports for families, caregivers, and the service provider community.

Some of the topics covered include:

- School and education
- Choosing an advocate
- Eating and feeding issues
- Parent engagement
- Financial advice
- Special interests
- Legal rights
- Skill development
- Challenging behaviors
- Building friendships

4 Ways to Mitigate Insurance Costs in a COVID-19 Environment
By Josh Lamberg
Lamb Insurance Services

Many nonprofit and social service organizations are struggling with drastically altered operations and decreases in revenue brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some organizations have been forced to make tough decisions to decrease payrolls, temporarily shutter secondary service locations, or simply reconsider how to best carry out their missions while being mindful of the health and well-being of members of the public, employees, and volunteers. When evaluating organizational expenses, it can be worthwhile to look closely at your insurance costs. There are certain steps you can take that may result in lower insurance costs in the COVID-19 environment...

Supporting Children with Intellectual Disabilities/Autism in a Residential Treatment Facility
By Karen Parenti, MS, PsyD,
Jen Mucellin, MA, BCBA
and Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D

It is important for children with autism and intellectual disabilities to remain living at home, or in the least restrictive environment with appropriate supports, whenever possible. However, at times, a child’s challenging behaviors can pose such a significant threat to themselves or others, it is necessary for that child to live away from home or in a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) until they can be supported safely in their home...

“How Was I Supposed to Know?” Navigating the Unwritten Curriculum Through Executive Functioning Supports
By Alissa Cappelleri, MAT
New Frontiers Executive Function Coaching

We are constantly navigating contexts that we may not have been explicitly guided through. Along the way, there was some experience of making sense of these unexplained rules. Even though no one specifically addressed them, you knew where the line was. This doesn’t always ring true to many individuals on the autism spectrum. The hidden curriculum is considered to be “the unofficial, often unintended or unconscious ‘messages’ in an educational...

A Highly Effective Toilet Training Program Based on Applied Behavior Analysis Principles
By Jordan Hulass, MA, BCBA, LBS
and Kristine Quinby, MEd, BCBA, LBS
Potential, Inc.

Learning to use the bathroom independently is a critical life skill for any child, but especially for children with autism spectrum disorder...

US Senator Robert Menendez Honored by the Autism Society of America with the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award
By Staff Writer
Autism Spectrum News

On December 16th, the Autism Society of America and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation awarded New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez as the 2020 recipient of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award...

2021 Editorial Calendar
Spring 2021 Issue
“Housing and Community Living”
Deadline: March 4, 2021

Summer 2021 Issue
“Autism and Employment”
Deadline: June 3, 2021
Fall 2021 Issue
“Challenging Behaviors and Autism”
Deadline: September 2, 2021

Winter 2022 Issue
“Improving Lives with Technology”
Deadline: December 3, 2021
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