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Volume 19-18 | 4.30.19 
Auto Renewal Goes Live in May
At the April Directors Association meeting the membership approved the final elements that allow Auto Renewal services including Courtesy Notices to be made available to Mid-Hudson Library System patrons.

Auto Renewal is a feature which renews eligible items that are checked out to patrons in good standing, in an automated process, using Courtesy Notices. Two days before the item is due, the patron will receive an email notice to inform them that their item has been renewed and will now be due at a later date. If an item cannot be renewed, a courtesy notice will still be sent with a reminder that the item is due. Only items that are already eligible for renewal can be automatically renewed.

  • May 10th: MHLS will create new loan rules for the libraries who are not participating and transition them over in off hours.
  • May 13th: MHLS will begin turning on the feature across the active loan rules. This will take about two days to complete.
  • May 15th: Go Live!
For more information view the Auto Renewal / Courtesy Notices FAQ tip sheet available at Member library directors who have questions regarding the Auto Renewal service please contact Laurie Shedrick, MHLS Technology Operations Manager,
MHLS Announcements
On the Road: The MHLS Delivery Services Transition Team will be visiting every member library over the course of the next week.

Tom Finnigan , MHLS Delivery Operations Manager and Chris Herron , MHLS Facilities Manager & Assistant Delivery Operations Manager (shown above) will be stopping in for a short visit (10 minutes or less) to update our understanding of entrances, delivery box drop off location and other pertinent information they will use for orientation purposes with our new delivery vendor, Valley Courier. They will be joined by Andrew Thibodeau, Lead Dispatcher for Valley Courier, for these visits. Please direct any questions regarding these visits to Tom Finnigan, | ext. 244.
The deadline is approaching for the Movie Licensing USA (MLUSA) group-buy. MHLS libraries that do not currently have a license with MLUSA and are interested in receiving the MHLS discounted group-buy should contact Courtney Wimmers , MHLS Outreach & Engagement Specialist ( ) before May 10th . The license term will be in effect from 6 /16/19 to 6/15/20. MHLS libraries that already have a license as part of the group-buy have received a notice regarding continued licensing and need to reply to Courtney before May 10th to indicate if their library will be renewing for the term 6/16/19 - 6/15/20.
In addition to the above group buy MHLS has brokered a deal with Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC). If 3-10 libraries are licensed, there is a discount of 5% off the total fee. If 11-25 libraries are licensed, there is a discount of 10% off the total fee. To learn more about what is covered under the MPLC umbrella license, visit
Library Service Area Population
 2019 MPLC Price Per Location Annually
Up to 10,000
If your library is interested in joining this new group license, or if you have any questions, please contact Courtney by May 21st.
MHLS Libraries
Did you know the Pine Plains Free Library houses a seed library? Patrons who wish to try their hand at growing beets, rutabaga and broccoli in their home gardens can get seeds directly from the library. In an effort to make the seed library more accessible to patrons, the Pine Plains Free Library worked with the MHLS cataloging department to create a record that was searchable through the online catalog. Now patrons can search for the different types of seeds available at the library.
If your library has a seed collection you can link items to the existing bib record, Seed library, to make your seed library searchable in the MHLS online catalog too. If you would like assistance creating item records, or if your library has a special collection you would like to add to the catalog please contact Thomas O'Connell, MHLS ILP Operations Supervisor ,
Sustainable Libraries
The New York Library Association's Sustainable Library Certification Program (SLCP ) provides a twelve-category benchmarking system to guide libraries through environmental stewardship, economic feasibility, and social equity in their operations. As libraries progress through the SLCP, they create an organizational culture that asks the right questions about operational and outreach decisions, engages administration, staff, and board members in a new line of thinking and collaborating, inspires their colleagues and community to join their efforts, and reduces their greenhouse gas emissions, energy intake, and waste output.
The Mid-Hudson Library System and eight member libraries are currently working towards their certification and building their capacity to serve their communities now and in the future.
  • Desmond- Fish Library
  • Highland Public Library
  • Mahopac Public Library
  • Millbrook Library
  • Phoenicia Library
  • Saugerties Public Library
  • Town of Esopus Library
  • Town of Ulster Library
To learn more about the SLCP, visit or contact Casey Conlin, MHLS Library Sustainability Coordinator,
The Great Give Back (GGB), held on October 19th, is a day for library patrons to participate in meaningful service-oriented experiences. 2019 is a pilot year that expands this initiative from Long Island to the rest of New York, and MHLS libraries have the opportunity to participate this year for the first time ! Libraries can participate in the GGB at different levels, from scheduling a service-oriented program they're already doing to coincide with October 19th or the month of October, to creating new opportunities for patrons to help others in their community. Join MHLS Outreach & Engagement Specialist Courtney Wimmers on Thursday, May 23rd from 2:00-3:30pm for a webinar to learn more about the program and how your library can participate. Please register for this event through the MHLS calendar
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