AutoSig Installed
4-3-2-1 Outboards, Inboards & Sterndrives
need the new AutoSig Smart fuel filter/water separator primary filter. www.entratech.com

  • For gasoline or diesel fuel
  • NMEA 2000 or gauge/lite wired
  • Internal WIF sensor
  • Wiring in head not filter bowl
  • ABYC Certified
  • Passes UL 1105 Fire Test
  • Clean and easy install
  • Alert for water in fuel
Entratech AutoSig
Not everything about your power plant can hang on the transom, AutoSig primary fuel filter/water separators are the only certified filters with integral water sensors to alert you when excessive water buildup happens.

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NMEA 2000
NMEA 2000
With Gauge
With Gauge
With LED Light
With LED
Kits available in 4", 6" and 8" filter length
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