June 16th, 2021 Vending Technology News
With Invenda Group’s automated retail technology, it’s easier than ever before for operators to automate their vending machines so they can help elevate too much machine downtime and have the convenience of being able to manage their vending machines from any location. 

Deliver A More Personalized Customer Experience With Invenda

In the 2020s, vending machines need to do more than just dispense food and beverages, they must also deliver personalized ‘experiences’ as well where the machine can make suggestions to the consumer based on their current or prior ordering history. 

Founded by Jon Brezinski, and based in Switzerland, with Invenda’s solutions, operators can have peace of mind in knowing that their vending machines aren’t just ‘boxes’ that dispense candy or soda. 

Are you searching for the best way to automate your vending machine business? If so, InHand Networks is an excellent resource for remote machine monitoring and smart vending solutions. 

For more than 20 years, the company has been helping operators nationwide digitally transform their businesses by bringing their vending machines, kiosks, and unattended markets into the 21st century with their IoT solutions, gateways, routers, and other technology solutions. 

Every operator in today’s world must have an automated vending machine business that lets them manage their routes from any device and internet connection. Thankfully, the solutions that InHand Networks provides enables operators to have truly flexible and automated businesses.  

With Connecticut-based Ventus Global Network Solutions, a network as a service company, operators nationwide have all of the tools that they need to grow their businesses without the typical stress that comes with having to make growth decisions. 

Complete Connections Solutions For Your Business 
For some operators, connecting their vending machines and other devices across their company may seem complicated. 

Thankfully, with Ventus, vending companies of all sizes can rely on one company to help them connect and manage their operators efficiently while eliminating the challenges of maintaining a multi-vendor and multi-platform network.
Unlike some companies that only focus on one specific market, Ventus serves a wide variety of businesses and industries across the board including kiosks, point of sale, ATMs, digital signage, and more. 

A cereal dispensing robot? Yes, please!  

Thanks to the recent partnership with Kellogg’s and Chowbotics, students at Florida State, and Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) Universities, now have cereal dispensing robots on their campuses that they can use to have easy access to their favorite cereals 24-7. 

These cereal dispensing bots will work in conjunction with on-campus food services at either university, to give students expanded dining options. 
Even though these cereal dispensing bots are cool, what’s even better is that these bots give students the ability to mix their favorite cereals, instead of just getting stuck with one of the iconic Kellogg’s favorites. 

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