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GLS / Next Precision Marketing, a printing, mailing, and marketing services provider, recently added Document Data Solutions' new iDataSort Autonomous Intelligent Stacker to one of their production lines. Ranked in the top 100 by Printing Impressions magazine, GLS / Next serves customers in healthcare, travel and leisure, financial, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

"All the other machines on the market break the groups by changing the belt speed. Sometimes the material slips, making it hard to see the gaps.  iDataSort offsets side-to-side. This is much better.

GLS / Next Precision Marketing's Roger Higdon.
After installing the
iDataSort unit, GLS / Next Precision Marketing realized immediate productivity improvements. The technology worked so well the company ordered a second unit to extend the same benefits to a different piece of equipment. 

Now they are contemplating a third iDataSort!
iDataSort separates groups of material by offsetting the pieces on a moving belt. The unit shifts right or left based on signals received from upstream equipment, printed barcodes, or a given count. The stacker can also dynamically adjust the speed of the belt, creating a second method to separate batches of materials. Or, you can do both!

GLS / Next Precision Marketing is using their first iDataSort device to fill mail trays twice as fast, allowing them to keep up with upstream equipment running at up to 30,000 pieces per hour.
"We have the high speed sorting line installed and everyone's been impressed with the simplicity yet accuracy of the line."

Roger Hidgon
GLS / Next Precision Marketing, after installing their first iDataSort
Print production operations may use  iDataSort to prepare material for packaging, fill mail trays, or handle many unique finishing and distribution requirements. Customers can attach the unit to any print production or mailing equipment.
As with many DDS products, iDataSort extends the useful life of existing machinery. The device can even control upstream unintelligent feeders, allowing print operations to add automation to their workflow. Total equipment replacement is unnecessary.
After GLS / Next Precision Marketing added their second iDataSort unit, DDS received the following message from Mr. Hidgon:

"Our second iDataSort on our brand new UV inkjet system is up and running. The iDataSort conveyor is working well and the folks love it."
The second iDataSort unit allowed GLS / Next Precision Marketing to run their inkjet system with a single operator. Previously, it took two operators to keep up with the output volumes.

Industry wide, print runs are getting smaller. Fewer impressions forces print operations to combine small jobs, creating the volumes necessary for efficient production. Automated stacking with iDataSort eliminates time-consuming and error-prone material distribution tasks associated with co-mingled work.
As GLS / Next Precision Marketing learned, iDataSort has many uses and works with lots of equipment. Any production line requiring manual output counting or estimating will benefit from adding DDS's latest automation offering to their production workflow. Contact us today to discover how our new device can lower costs, improve accuracy, and enable productivity improvements.
We've listed some technical details below. For complete information about integrating iDataSort into your environment, call us.
  • Heavy-duty gear drive motor
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Remote speed control in auto mode
  • Piece counter and set counter with reset buttons
  • Remote configuration and control via PC application over Ethernet
Configuration Parameters:
  • Password protected diagnostics and configuration page
  • Auto speed control via the PC app or manually 
  • Highly adjustable offset or movement separation
  • Leading or trailing edge piece separation triggers
  • Local control or externally controlled via a host I/O input
  • Deck Height - Adjustable from 31" to 33.5" high (custom heights available)
  • Deck Width - 13"
  • Belt Width - 10"
  • Conveyor Belt Length - 73"
  • Overall Length - 82"
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