Automate your Minor Ingredient Process!
Reduce on Labor Costs!
Reduce/remove handling of ingredient bags!
Get more accurate ingredient measurements!
  Gemini/KB Systems offers you the ability to upgrade your existing ingredient handling systems to include minor ingredients with increased weekly usage and volume.
Are you currently using above 10, 000 lbs a week of any of the following samplings of ingredients?
These systems are ideal for a variety of ingredients including:
  • Sugar
  •  Salt
  • Cornmeal
  • Cornstarch
  • Unique/secondary flours such as soy and rice. 
Upgrading your minor ingredient systems can help:
  •  Reduce labor costs associated with transporting pallets to and from the production area.
  • Reduce sanitation within the mixer area due to accumulated dust with dumping and handling of flour bags.
  • Increasing accuracy with tracking ingredient usage through automation.

We have a variety of set-ups dependent on your process. Systems can be sold as multiple integrated day bins or independent systems to eliminate cross contamination.
Indoor Day-bins with minor ingredients

  System can be configured with one or multiple day-bins.

Common line or independent lines per each day-bin.

Convey with positive or negative pressure.

Stainless Steel 5000 lb. capacity.
Bag Dump Station with Super Sack Unloading Station

Electric 2-ton Hoist

Welded SS Frame – 17’ High

Return filter assembly

Bag dump station  

Discharge vibrator

Manual Bag Dump Station

  Bag dump station (25 cuft of nominal capacity)

  Vent filter assembly

Rotary feeder valve

Aeration system (blower, valve, air-slide)
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