Mitegen October Newsletter
Paper - Automated Platform for Structural Analysis of Membrane Proteins
Image Source: Healey, et al. (2021). An automated platform for structural analysis of membrane proteins through serial crystallography. Cell Reports Methods 1, 100102
In Cell Reports Methods, Healey et al. present a new opportunity for membrane proteins in high throughput drug discovery through the use of the CrystalDirect technology.

"Membrane proteins control many biological processes and represent attractive targets for drug discovery, but are difficult to study structurally. Combining the CrystalDirect technology and serial crystallography allows a rapid structural analysis of membrane proteins."
CrystalDirect Plates
CrystalDirect Plates are designed to bridge crystallization and X-ray data collection, the CrystalDirect™ plate combines a thin, X-ray transparent film bottom with a rigid 96-well frame. Researchers can easily grow, screen XRD in situ, automatically harvest and cryocool crystals for data collection.
Paper - Benchmarking AlphaFold for Accuracy
In an continuing effort to stay informed about AlphaFold, we offer this preprint from bioRxiv by Rui Yin, et al.. It "explores the use of the recently developed deep learning method, AlphaFold, to predict structures of protein complexes from sequence. A benchmark of 152 diverse heterodimeric protein complexes, multiple implementations and parameters of AlphaFold were tested for accuracy." Read to find out the results of these tests.
Custom Engineering Services
Above is a special well-mount patterned loop we custom engineered for the research team involved with this paper
Did you know we offer custom engineering services for crystallography and cryo-EM research?

We've assisted in the development of dozens of industry leading products and have attained expertise in a very broad range of cutting-edge technologies.
Small Molecule Crystallography Survey
Small molecule crystallographers, help us understand your needs better. Please take our short survey which asks just a few questions. Share your knowledge to help us serve you better in your research.

Your answers and information will remain confidential.
Upcoming Events
At MiTeGen, we sponsor numerous events, conferences, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. These events include fields such as structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more. We believe in supporting researchers and our industry. Listed below are two upcoming events you might find interesting.
The BESSY@HZB User Meeting is December 9th. Format is virtual. Features an overview of the research results obtained at BESSY. Includes a keynote lecture, plenary talks, discussions, poster session and industrial exhibition. We are participating in the industrial exhibition.
The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting is February 19th to the 23rd. Format is in person. The meeting brings together leading scientists from all over the world who work at the interface of the life, physical and computational sciences. We are exhibiting at the meeting, booth number 904.
Feedback on Workshop Support
We support many workshops throughout the year. Supporting workshops is important as they provide a training ground for future scientists.

Here is feedback from Mario Wriedt, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science, “I want to sincerely thank you for co-sponsoring our workshop, Getting the Best Structure from your Diffraction Data Crystal Structure Refinement. Your contribution helped make the workshop a great success.”
Looking For More Events, Workshops and Conferences
If you are looking for more events visit our events page. It lists conferences, workshops, symposiums, user meetings and more.

Topics include structural biology, material science, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more.
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • All About Grants Podcasts is a podcast from the Office of Extramural research (OER) that talks to NIH staff members about the ins and outs of NIH funding. Designed for investigators, fellows, students, research administrators, and others just curious about the application and award process - Learn More
  • Abstracts of the 2021 ACA Annual meeting are now available online - Learn More
  • Advanced Light Source has two types of fellowships to fund research at their facility. These are Doctoral Fellowships in Residence and Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowships. Deadline to apply is December 1st - Learn More
  • SPC Facility & Garcia-Alai Lab at EMBL HH have developed eSPC, a free online platform for analyzing data from diverse biophysics experiments. It enables scientists across fields to analyze their data much easier than before, and remotely without the need to travel - Learn More
  • Wiley Chemistry is accepting requests from instructors for evaluation copies of the International Tables for Crystallography, 6th Edition, Teaching Edition, Crystallographic Symmetry - Learn More
  • Acta Crystallographica Section E Special Issue on Modern Approaches and Tools for Teaching Crystallography has a call for papers. Topics include teaching in a pandemic, accessing diffraction equipment remotely, and practical advice on all aspects of crystal structure determination - Learn More
  • Video at the BBC about "The exceptional life of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin" - Learn More
  • Learn about CryoFold a data-guided tool for modeling molecular movements from cryo-EM density maps - Learn More
  • The 8th regular call for proposals at European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility (European XFEL) is open until Friday 03 December 2021. They are seeking Protein Crystal Screening Proposals and Expressions of Interest in Long-Term Proposals - Learn More 
  • Learn about virusMED a travel guide to the virus world - Learn More
Industry Jobs
Searching for a new job? Interested in knowing what positions labs and facilities are offering? Then visit our jobs board on which we list recent industry job offerings.

And remember, if you have an industry relevant job, we are happy to list it on our jobs board.
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