Bite-Size Blog #72 -- January 25, 2017

ARCH* lowers the cost of healthcare with 4Leaf
by J. Morris Hicks

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The 4Leaf Survey, at the heart of the ARCH system, can be completed with pen and paper or online in just two minutes--and it can provide a fairly accurate estimate of how well one is eating relative to Cornell's Dr. T. Colin Campbell's definition of the optimal diet for humans:

The closer we get to eating a diet of whole plant-based foods, the better off we will be. 

Take two minutes and check out the online survey at It will generate your 4Leaf score immediately and will offer to email you the complete report. PDF versions available in seven languages. 

Automated cost of healthcare reduction? After administering the 4Leaf Survey over 100,000 times, we know that it does a pretty good job of estimating the percent of calories in your diet that are derived from whole, plant-based foods.

And it does an excellent job of identifying the 80% of the population (in the developed world) who are eating some version of the "disease promoting" typical western diet. Those people need help and the 4Leaf custom report provides them with that help, advising them exactly how to improve their score AND their health.

With that in mind and knowing that the leading driver of our outrageous cost of healthcare is our food choices, we concluded that we could build an automated system to help hundreds of self-insured employers of millions of people save many billions of dollars on healthcare. 

That "automated system" is ARCH, an acronym for "automated reduction in the cost of healthcare."

Request for comments/introductions. Take a few minutes to give me your comments about the 4Leaf Survey and ARCH--and maybe introduce me to a business leader who might have an interest in being among our very first ARCH clients. You will be compensated handsomely if we do business with anyone you refer to us. 

For more info, contact me at 

J. Morris Hicks

*The  4Leaf  registered trademark, the  4Leaf Survey, the  ARCH system  and all other  4Leaf  materials are intellectual property of 4Leaf Global, LLC.

Check out our 4Leaf Survey as used at eCornell

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