Reducing Your Cost of Labor
Automated Timekeeping
Automated Timekeeping 
is a powerful resource for businesses. Designed to offer convenience and control, this technology  c an improve profit margins by reducing the cost of administration as well as labor. 

Apex Timekeeping is simpler to use than a Manual System It allows you to set your policies once, and it does the rest. This applies to  your policies regarding overtime pay, holiday pay, shift differential and pay rate setting. 
Editing and making corrections is very easy.  You can set up alerts that provide you with early notifications which gives you a chance to act when they happen and not days later. Such as when  Employees forget to clock in or make a mistake when doing so or they approaching reaching overtime.
Top Reasons to Invest in Automated Timekeeping

Simple to Use -
- Reduce Errors -
Plug & Play Set Up -
- No Software to Install -
- Eliminate Manual Entry 
- Real Time Monitoring -
- Stay in Compliance -
- 24/7 Online Access -
- Instant Reports -
- Mobile Apps -
- ACA Reports -
- Save Time -
- Set Alerts -
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