Wireless Data Setting for Electric Cylinders
Set operating conditions with wireless connection

Now The ELECylinders position adjustments and operating conditions can be set by the TB-03 teaching pendant from outside the equipment, even without a cable connection.

The TB-03 can monitor the operating status of up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECylinder. Error recovery time can also be shortened by troubleshooting with wireless connection.

The ELECylinder electric actuators replace air cylinders. With multi-positioning it can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle times.

Multi-function Photoelectric Sensor
Four photoelectric sensor principles in one device

With four photoelectric sensor principles in one device the BOS 21M ADCAP allows you to adapt the sensor function to your application – and use the sensor for background suppression, as a diffuse, retro-reflective or through-beam sensor. Simply change the function depending on the object via IO-Link, and the best and most reliable detection method is available to you.

It detects on-site operating conditions, collects and processes information and provides far more data than just the switching signal over IO-Link for Industry 4.0 data collection and processing.
WAGO I/O System 750 XTR
Unlimited automation in extreme environments
WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR   offers extreme protection against climatic influences, vibration, impacts and surge voltages. It can be used without any expensive and space-consuming cooling systems, protection circuits or other special solutions. The DIN rail with the XTR components can be installed near powerful motors or power circuit breakers. 
The controllers can be programmed in accordance with IEC 61131-3 in the familiar CODESYS environment. The CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and Modbus-TCP/-UPD/-RTU protocols (based on specific device) provide flexible connection to fieldbus systems and external input/output devices.

Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller
Combining simple, cost effective programmable control with safety capability

The  FX3 Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller  is the next generation controller in the Flexi family.
Flexi Soft is a software programmable, expandable, easy-to-commission safety controller that can be efficiently adapted to a variety of safety applications for small- to medium- sized machines. Thanks to a modular hardware platform, the controller expands module by module (12-144 inputs/outputs), saving space in the control cabinet while optimizing cost and providing flexibility for future expansion.

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