Welcome to the first newsletter from Triad's automation group. This newsletter is one of the ways that we will be providing information on the new and innovative capabilities provided by the products we represent. If you have interest in one of these products or have questions about our full line of automation products please contact our Manager of Automation Services, Dave Little, david.little@triadtechnologies.com .
Parker is making t-slot aluminum framing design easier than ever with software that allows you to take more creative control over your assembly designs. Not only that, but it shortens the time to quote; simply build your design in Design Architect and send to us for a quote.

Unitronics has been providing PLC’s since 1989. They were the first All-in-One controller, an integrated HMI+ PLC with on-board I/Os. Most recently they have released the Unistream version. The benefits of this controller include: faster processing time, multiple common industrial communication protocols, Industry 4.0 ready, SQL access, web server and VNC remote access. 

The Weidmuller u-remote product is a premium remote I/O system for PLC's. Both IP20 and IP67 rated devices are offered for enclosed and open field installations. Key benefits include: smart support, integrated diagnostics, immediate error identification, and integrated safety.

SMAC is a unique manufacturer of linear actuators based on moving coil technology. What makes the SMAC product unique is the ability to program force, position and speed. The SMAC electric actuators are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. In many cases, the SMAC unit can be a more cost-effective option compared to a standard pneumatic cylinder.