This month's selection of products includes high quality network devices, communication units, identification sensors, and monitoring systems. We can demo many of these products at our new automation lab in Sharonville. If you're interested in a demo or have any questions about any of the products in this newsletter, please contact our Manager of Automation Services, Dave Little at or
To ensure successful signal transmissions, Belden has created high performance cables specifically designed for the harsh & hazardous automation and control environments. These cables are twisted/shielded and individually bonded together. This bonded pair technology allows for no gaps between the cable pairs, so there is consistent and reliable electrical performance. Ultimately, these advanced Ethernet cables result in very high network reliability.

SICK, the industry's leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions, is your single source for identification systems. If you need to read 1D code, 2D code, or RFID, SICK has a product for the application.

SensoNODE from Parker is a complete system for condition monitoring and diagnostics that is not dependent on the facility network or IT department. By using the SensoNODE Gold Sensors and Parker's Voice of the Machine™ software, you can continuously monitor your process from anywhere using your laptop or the mobile app.

Learn more about Parker's condition monitoring solutions. Click here for the PDF  or  click here to watch the video . 
Unitronics was the first manufacturer to introduce a PLC/HMI combo unit - a tag-based controller matched to an HMI with extensive control and communication capabilities. Earlier this year, Unitronics released a unit that now includes a Virtual HMI . This unit has all of the capabilities of the PLC/HMI combo units without the physical HMI. The controller has built in I/Os that can be expanded to more than 2,000 I/Os, including digital, analog, high-speed and temperature, as well as communication modules supporting Modbus, Ethernet/IP, MQTT, SQL, SNMP, and others.