There is no better time than this joyous season to express our appreciation for your business. Thank you for helping make 2019 a great year. We look forward to continuing to share our automation capabilities and introduce new products to help improve your processes in 2020.

Pilz offers the world's first complete safe solution for protective zone monitoring utilizing radar technology. Radar technology enables safety monitoring of zones even in the harshest environments: dust dirt, rain, sparks and light. A single system solution utilizing a single PNOZmulti 2 controller can include up to 6 radar sensors. With all 6 sensors installed, this system can monitor an area up to 15 meter x 4 meter for applications requiring SIL2, PL d, Category 2. Each of the sensors can be set up for a wide or narrow detection zone, allowing for flexible shapes to be set up for the protected areas.

Unitronics has launched a complete line of AC servo drives from 50W to 5,000W with built in encoders and IP65 rated. This product is fully integrated into the Unistream PLC series with motion code, diagnostics, automatic communication configuration and application configuration. Up to 32 axis of motion can be supported by one PLC using the single common software application Unilogic and the Unistream PLC. This “All In One” PLC package can provide the PLC, web page generation/hosting, motion, data logging, and HMI/operator interface in a single development software package.

Blue Light sensors are not just for glass anymore! The new blue light sensors from Sensopart have characteristics that make them great choices for many sensing applications:
  • Reliable detection of reflective surfaces even at wide angles, e.g. varnished wooden surfaces, coated metal and painted plastic parts
  • Detection of transparent objects without use of a reflector
  • Detection of very dark objects, e.g. solar wafers, foam and plastic

The compact Parker P-Series drive provides sophisticated servo functionality at an affordable price. Paired with the P-Series motor, the P-Series package comes complete with 19bit multi-turn absolute position feedback, analog inputs, step and direction inputs, and dynamic response as standard. Ranging from 400Watt to 3.5KWatt, the P-Series is available as either an indexer with preset positions called up by digital I/O or as part of a high speed EtherCat network. The easy to use inertia detection with active vibration suppression makes for quicker and simpler startups.