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The DURApulse GS4 series of AC sensorless vector drives includes many of the same standard features as our other GS drives including dynamic braking, PID, and adds much more. GS4 drives are available up to 300hp in the 460V models, up to 100hp in the 230V models. All of the 230V models can run on 3-phase or single phase. Starting at $422.00, GS4 drives have a 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating [...] ...»

SureMotion Generation 2 Compact and Value Line motor-ready actuators have been added to replace existing actuators of the same model, length and screw pitch. With reduced parts count, the Gen 2 actuators provide even more reliable operation. Starting at $1,129.00, self-contained Gen 2 Compact slide actuators are available with travel distances to 36 inches and travel speeds up to 20 inches per [...] ...»  

Two Koyo light-duty incremental encoder product lines have been expanded and a higher resolution Koyo medium-duty absolute encoder has been added. The TRD-S Series of 6mm solid shaft and TRD-SH Series of 8mm hollow shaft incremental encoders now have 5-12 VDC open collector output versions in addition to the existing 12-24 VDC open collector or 5 VDC line driver output versions. [...] ...»

Multi-Conductor Flexible Control Cables Overview Flexible multi-conductor control cable is now available in shielded and unshielded versions ranging in sizes from 18 to 10 AWG and with three to 41 conductors. Individual stranded copper conductors have black PVC/Nylon insulation and are marked with identification numbers. With a rugged premium grade TPE outer jacket, cables are flexible for easy installation and are available in 5 [...] ...»
ADVANTECH » Premier Partner
PictureAdvantech's Industrial IoT Starter Kit does exactly that. Using Advantech's WebAccess SCADA software running on our small Industrial PC you can easily connect to your existing PLC or controller and gather the required data and display it on a variety of devices - local to the machine or through any browser based device, including your smartphone. [...] ...»  
MOXA » Premier Partner 
Fast and Easy Wi-Fi Network Deployment  
Features and Benefits 
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compliant client
  • Comprehensive interfaces with one serial port and two Ethernet LAN ports
  • Client-based millisecond-level Turbo Roaming
  • 2x2 MIMO future-proof technology
  • Integrated robust antenna and power isolation
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Compact size for your industrial applications
  • Easy setup, easy deployment with AeroMag
 [...]  ...»
Increasingly, wireless technology is helping boost efficiency in applications involving the use of automatic material handling systems (AMH), such as automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) in factories and warehouses. In order to derive maximum benefit from such AMH systems while ensuring safe operations, operators need a fail-proof way to closely monitor and control these systems, with uninterrupted wireless connectivity to the control center. 
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Troubleshooting protocol gateways is often a nightmare for engineers. The more protocols are involved, the greater the headache. What's more, the lack of efficient tools to help them pinpoint the root cause of a network failure only makes matters worse. Find out how built-in tools in modern protocol gateways are making troubleshooting a breeze. 
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IDEC » Distributor 
 The RF1V series of force-guided relays are a cost-effective and easy way to expand mechanical contact outputs in a control circuit. Adding to this popular series, new models are now available offering a counter-electromotive force (CEMF) diode. These are ideal for adding multiple output contacts to electronic safety relays and safety controllers. The diode circuit added to the coil of these relays helps eliminate damaging fly-back voltage to the electronic equipment.
  • 15 new models available
  • 4-pole and 6-pole configurations
  • 12, 24 and 48V DC operating coil voltages
  • Corresponding SF1V sockets
  • Panel, DIN rail or PC board mounting [...] ...»


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