January 28, 2021

Stewardship Ontario has adjusted oil container and oil filter fee reductions for the January 31, 2021 invoices to provide larger fee reductions for this quarter, than the schedule shared with stewards in the October 2020 webinar.

Details of the updated fee reduction schedules for both oil containers and oil filters are provided below. As noted during the October webinar, Stewardship Ontario will continue to assess financial forecasts throughout the wind up process and, where possible, increase fee reduction amounts available for stewards.

At this time, Stewardship Ontario financial and operational forecasts do not support January implementation of fee reductions in the antifreeze material category.

Fee reduction notices will be processed and shown on steward invoices in the same format as invoices issued in October. If you have questions about your invoice and the related fee reductions, please contact accounting@stewardshipontario.ca.
Automotive material stewards may also be eligible for a residual fund disbursement following termination of the MHSW Program, if surplus funds exist in the related material reserve categories, following the completion of all Stewardship Ontario financial and program obligations.

Further information on the MHSW Wind Up Plan can be found on  Stewardship Ontario website.

Kind regards, 
Stewardship Ontario