Knowing Which Crystal is Right

October 9, 2018
The time of great chaos on our beloved Earth continues.  As we enter the Yin periods of autumn and the coming winter, it is time to consider human role in these changing times and determine how each of us can contribute to enhance a positive change. It begins on the individual level but we have many ready assistants who have seen vastly different times than we have. Student crystals of all types are important for fostering that role and record keepers provide the information to enhance that effort. 

Autumn Olive

Students: These are crystal that are on a crystal's surface or at the base. A lightbrary is a group of students that surround the main crystal like a tutu. Note that this is different than a cathedral lightbrary where the students are not well formed and are expressed as slight shoulders on the sides of the main crystal. Student crystals are wonderful teachers and encourage friendship, community, learning, sharing and caring.

Druse: Druse crystals are also student-bearing however, the students are tiny and may cover part or all (as in the spirit and fairy quartz) of the main crystal. In addition, drused crystals may be mixed species - like calcite druse on quartz or garnet on quartz, etc. The effect is projecting from the core crystal like a modified antenna quartz.

Stargazer: This is a very special crystal that is either a penetrator or surface crystal on a terminal face. The stargazer is like the new parent in ancient society who raised the newborn to the night sky and introduced the new Spirit to the Universe. In that act, the stargazer honored a wonderful, joyful tradition of sharing Universal energies as well as inviting the Universal energies into the newborn. Often the special name of the infant was revealed at that time. Stargazers on a starbrary crystal serve to unite it with those energies of the Star Peoples whose glyphs are carried on the sides.

Manifestors: Literally, manifestors are included crystals ... a crystal within a crystal. Again, you will read that some people only count a quartz crystal in a quartz as a manifestor and this simply is not true. It is certainly a special kind of manifestor, but you can have mixed species manifestors: fluorite in quartz, rutile (or rutile, lepidocrosite, goethite, cacoxinite, epidote, garnet, etc.) in quartz, jamesonite in fluorite, hedenbergite in calcite and so it goes. Basically, the Crystalline Realm is very creative and blends its energies beautifully. The Melody Stone with its seven species, four of which are manifestors, is so powerful precisely because of these energies. Manifestors are important crystals because although visible, they are also hidden. They reinforce the energy of the mother crystal and show the Light Worker to look inside. All too often, we sell our Self short by being our own worst critic. Deep inside, we are all winners and achievers ... if we would only permit it. I am seeing so many manifestor crystals now just because Light Workers need to be assertive about their abilities and be all that they can be.

Penetrators: These are crystals that have a student that is terminated both inside and outside a crystal surface. These are literally bridges that enable the conscious Self to relate to the Inner Self, the Inner Child that is in all of us. Further these types of crystals enable an understanding of how we, as a human, effect the nature of all that is around us and thus defining our true role in this Life's Expression. As a note, penetrators can also literally join two crystals, penetrating both and occasionally will pass right through a crystal as if spearing it! Further, penetrators can also be tourmaline, epidote or rutile rods!

Samadhi: This is a special kind of penetrator in which the inner crystal is totally enclosed within the larger and does not protrude outside at all (not a bridge). It is also not completely suspended as a manifestor would be ... it is adhered to the inner surface of the crystal. With a loupe, you can see the key on the crystal surface and the termination inside although this termination won't be large. The function then becomes like that of a key, allowing us to unlock the inner truth. It allows us to focus and concentrate on what must be done. In Eastern traditional yoga, Samadhi is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation at which union with the Divine is reached ... in a real sense, this is direct contact with our Soul Self. Such a formation in a crystal is both rare and exceedingly auspicious.

Horn of Plenty: This name originates in Brazil and is a very special and very rare type of student formation wherein the main termination is surrounded by tall side students that form a cup around it. The energy in such a formation is sublime and a horn of plenty formation helps us to realize our point of power. Time is like a Mobius strip, folding about itself so that it is continuous. It is not linear in the least, although we generally consider it that way. Whether we realize it or not, we live our life simultaneously with all lives we ever were or ever will be, each enhancing the other. Because all of our lives are lived at once, we have the potential to draw incredible strength from a broad experience base ... if we so choose. Horn of plenty crystals help to burn away the veils between the worlds and make these experiences available to us. They show us that this pinpoint of Now that we exist in is a point of power. The horn of plenty takes that point of power and radiates it outward like a crystalline lotus.

Guru Formation: T his formation is not to be confused with Guru quartz. "Guru quartz" is one that is an extreme teacher and may or may not have students ... it is an energy as opposed to physical expression. The "Guru formation quartz" is where a student terminates on the side of a crystal (not penetrating) at about a 90 degree angle. That student is either terminated or healed into tiny terminations on the end jutting out. The Guru formation is symbolic of a Light Worker coming into his or her own. Placing the sending hand on the end of the crystal student and the receiving hand on the crystal creates a situation where the internal power of Self is activated. This is a very powerful crystal!

Record Keepers: These are raised triangles with the apex raised upward towards the termination, sometimes ever so lightly raised and sometimes substantially. They appear on quartz, sapphire, spinel and ruby ... and topaz but those record keepers are squarish. Consider them as if they were files as they contain information that is specific to a Keeper. I occasionally will send out an ordered crystal that had no record keepers when I sent it only to have the happy Keeper email me to say that the crystal is loaded with them! They truly are known to pop out when they have specific messages for only one (instead of many) Keeper!

Geographic record keepers: These are raised areas on a crystalline face that look like islands or maps, hence the name. Occasionally, these will look like an actual existing island, but generally, they are more random. They are caused by a liquid quartz overlay not too dissimilar to the mark melted wax leaves. Through the eons, these record keepers may be further marked with record keepers and glyphs making then a highly tactile information source. I use these types of crystals for journeying since they are wonderful for setting your imagination off and inviting you through the time portal they open. These seem to be prevalent on Brandberg crystals as well as the Kullu Rosies.

Trigonic record keepers: The normal record keeper is a raised triangle with apex upward. The trigonic is inverted (apex down) and etched (kind of like the difference between an outie and an innie ... ). I am finding them on the Kullu Rosies in profusion, but also on many different types of quartz from all around the world plus datolite, rubies, dravite and other crystalline species. It is said that trigonic record keepers are for a Keeper dealing with life and death issues. In other words, the Light Worker is coming into a full understanding of the continuum of All That Is. The fact so many crystals are now appearing means that the Light Worker is ready for such a bridge and the important lessons that the Crystalline Realm can facilitate. In particular, pay attention to the type of crystal hosting the trigonic as that one offers special lessons. A trigonic on rose quartz signifies a passage in a relationship (and this does not mean in a bad way ...). A trigonic in a smoky can signify the need for intensified protection. They are wonderful crystals to use in a grid situation as the trigonic can be used as an accelerator for the other crystals.

Bottom line ... 

I hope this was interesting and useful! Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions for future newsletters ... and with the kitchen renovations slowly nearing a completion, the newsletters will be coming more regularly! :o)

Have a most happy fall and awesome Samhain!


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