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Autumn 2018

Needle Notes
Autumn - The Metal Element

This morning we took a walk after breakfast. It is the quintessential fall. It is the kind of day when you can't help but take a deep breath and look around in wonder at the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. The crystalline blue sky, the incredible clarity of the air, the unhindered sun and leaves that are showing off their fiery best before they take their leave to the earth below. It is in a word, awesome! This kind of breath taking awe is what is typical for the autumn. Our ability to breath in inspiration and let go what we no longer need is indicative of well balanced metal. The associations of the metal element are: color = white, sound = weep, odor = rotten and emotion = grief. These four "legs of the stool", as we call them, are part of our diagnostic tool kit.
Acupuncture Point of the Season

Large Intestine 11 - Crooked Pond

Large Intestine 11 is a go-to point for reducing fevers. In addition, the point is called upon for many other symptoms that, from an Acupuncture perspective, stem from excessive heat. These include sore throat, red and itchy eyes, rashes, hypertension, excessive thirst, toothaches and some headaches.

Suggestions for living well and fully in the Fall

Assess personal values. What do I value? Am I living in accordance with these values? If not, what needs to go? What needs to come in? Let go of detrimental relationships. Loosen your grip on ideas and habits that no longer serve. Recycle or throw away things that are no longer useful.

Acknowledge those who are important. Who is precious to me? Have I let them know? Send a letter of gratitude or flowers of celebration to those who have helped you, those who inspire you, those you love. Is there anyone I have left out of my daily life because of anger or fear? If forgiveness is needed, is it time to ask for it? Time to extend it? Am I able to make the phone call, write the letter, show up for a visit? If not, what else might be done to clear the way for healing?

Notice the daily rhythm of your life. Do I feel at ease as I move through the tasks of my day? Do I feel hurried and overwhelmed? Does the rhythm of my day promote order and peace? Create a structure/schedule that serves your natural rhythm. Notice how you feel differently at the beginning and end of each day.

Accept life as it is. Do I resist parts of my life? What parts? What person, place or thing needs to be incorporated, transformed or let go? Resolve to either make a change or let it go.
Seasonal Recipe - Maple Roasted Delicata Squash with Red Onion

Serves 8
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes

3 medium Delicata squash (about 3 pounds), halved lengthwise, seeded, and cut into 1/4-inch thick slices
2 medium red onions, halved lengthwise and cut into 1/2-inch rings
5 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
4 fresh thyme sprigs
1/2 teaspoon red-pepper flakes
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons maple syrup
Kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper

Arrange the racks in the upper and lower rungs in the oven and preheat the oven to 425°F degrees. Place the squash, red onion, garlic, thyme, and red pepper flakes in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and maple syrup, and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper; toss to coat. Spread vegetables evenly onto two large, rimmed baking sheets. Bake the squash on the upper and lower racks of the oven, tossing, rotating, and switching the pan positions half way through cooking, until tender and browned, 25 to 30 minutes. Taste and season again with more salt and pepper, if desired.
Movie Night Recommendation

not to be confused with "The Gifted"

Gifted   is a 2017 American  drama film  directed by  Marc Webb  and written by Tom Flynn. It stars  Chris Evans Mckenna Grace Lindsay Duncan Jenny Slate  and  Octavia Spencer . The plot follows an  intellectually gifted  7-year-old who becomes the subject of a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. A little bit of a tear jerker, this is one of our recent favorites.
Breathe Deeply this Season!
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