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Autumn News      November 2020      Vol.12 No. 3
Autumn has arrived. The warm days and chilly nights have made beautiful fall foliage - a wonderful array of reds, yellows and oranges that only nature can provide. We wish all a wonderful holiday season. Stay well, Stay safe.    
  • David Winston's cold & flu season tips
  • Sustainability Report Update
  • Kits for the Holidays
  • Spagyric Alchemy
  • Holiday hours
  • David Winston's Students: Where Are They Now? Sally Handlon
  • New, more vibrant labels!
  • Western US Farmers vs. Fires
  • Recent Media Interviews
  • Sales, Deals and More!
  • Instagram Book Giveaways
  • Herbal Jeopardy Contest
  • 2020 Herbal Salon Schedule
  • Herbalist Training Program Information
David Winston's cold & flu season tips    
We do not get sick from every cold or flu virus we are exposed to, and a healthy lifestyle can help us to be more resistant to viral diseases.
The components of a healthy lifestyle to prevent colds and influenza include:

·  7 - 9 hours of sleep per night 
·  Healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, deep sea fish, fermented foods and Omega 3 fatty acids 
·  Vitamin D (25-OH D) levels of 40 -80 ng/mL, as well as adequate levels of Vitamin A and C, and Zinc  
·  Regular aerobic exercise 
·  Stress reduction techniques (meditation, prayer, biofeedback) 
·  Healthy relationships (this includes spouses, significant others, family, friends and companion animals) 
·  Probiotics and herbal immunopotentiators to enhance immune function and resistance.  Ex: Astragalus, Maitake, Reishi, Eleuthero, Andrographis, Echinacea, Elderberry, Honeysuckle flower, etc. 
·  Regular laughter and joy 
In addition, washing hands regularly with soap and hot water, keeping our fingers out of our eyes, noses and mouths, use of humidifiers in bedrooms during the dry winter months and wearing a mask can all reduce incidences of colds and influenza.
Sustainability Report Update   
B Corp Logo
The extensive B Corp Re-certification process we go through every few years includes examining our sustainability efforts, which gave us the idea to begin developing and issuing an annual sustainability report.
Our first such report, covering 2019, was almost completed in March when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but as with everyone, that became our full focus for months. However, we didn't want the year to end without finishing and sharing our 2019 report.  
So here is our benchmark of what we've been focusing on. We hope you find it interesting.  
 Find the Report here       
Kits for the Holidays
Speaking of the holidays, if by chance, there are any large meals in your  
near future make sure you have our NEW Bitters Spray Sampler Kit on hand: 
Bitters Spray Sampler
David always says: "If I could do one thing for most of my clientsI would give them Bitters."   
1 oz. Original Bitters™ Spray   
1 oz. Bitter Roots™ Spray
1 oz. Old World Bitters™ Spray
1 oz. Spiced Bitters™ Spray 
Also Introducing: 
Kidney Vitality Support
Products for Support of the Vital Functions of the Kidney and Urinary Tract 
2 oz. David Winston's Kidney Support Compound™ 
2 oz. UT Compound™  
2 oz. Stinging Nettle Seed
Kits make Great Gifts  
Popular Kits Right Now: Immune Support and Stress Support  
You can check out all our kits here 
Spagyric Alchemy    
Mastel's Health Foods in St. Paul, Minnesota, Minnesota's oldest health and wellness store, published a wonderful description of the spagyric processing method we use to extract the constituents of plants and recombine them in concentrated form.  
Check it out here 
Holiday Hours 
From all of us to all of you,  
we wish you the very best during this year's holiday season,  
as we all look forward to less challenging times ahead  
Thank you for your continued support
To help you plan your orders in advance,
0ur holiday schedule is as follows:
  • 11/26/2020 Thanksgiving- closed
  • 12/18/2020 Closing at 1pm for Staff "Socially Distanced" Holiday Lunch
  • 12/24 & 25/2020 Christmas Eve & Christmas- closed
  • 12/28/20- Last orders placed by 11:00 for processing in 2020
  • 12/29/20 last day to ship in 2020
  • 12/29-12/31/20 Inventory
  • 1/1/2021 New Years Day-closed
  • 1/4/2021 resume normal operations
David Winston's Students:  
Where Are They Now?  

We love to interview David Winston's students to find out what motivated them to study herbal medicine and how they are using their training.
David Winston himself suggested an interview with Sa
lly Handlon for this edition of the newsletter: "She just put out a lovely book on commonsense nutrition/lifestyle choices and she is doing some really good work." As well as being one of David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies graduates, Sally is a business consultant, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and the author of "Your Journey to Aging Well Drink, Move, Eat, Sleep" 
New, more vibrant labels!  
When things are dark, we need more light.  
We've changed label suppliers and are excited for you to see the  
more vibrant colors they are supplying.  
We love them, and hope you do too.  
They will really POP on store shelves!
Western US Farmers vs. Fires   
We've been worried about impact of the many terrible fires in the Western part of the US on our supplier farmers, on the West Coast and more recently the Colorado area. As of now they have all survived, but we don't know the impact on their crops yet. Please keep them in your thoughts.
Recent Media Interviews    

H&A CEO Beth Lambert contributed to this interesting article in NutraIngredients-USA on how the herbs and supplements industry can weather the second wave of COVID: 
David offered some good insights into Women's Health for this Whole Foods magazine article: Read Here   
It's no surprise that demand for adaptogens has grown quite a bit in recent months. Beth was one of the industry leaders interviewed about it for an article in NutraIngredients-USA: Read more 
Sales, Deals and more...   
Watch for our Pop-Up Sales and Contests on social media  
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Instagram Book and Product Giveaways    
Throughout October we ran weekly Instagram giveaways - a signed copy of David Winston's definitive book Adaptogens:
Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief
 & really enjoyed the engagement with people.
Many answering our question "What's one way you've adapted to the "new normal?" mentioned time outdoors being especially helpful.  
There were great comments about how people are using adaptogens, especially important when everyone's stress is off the charts these days.
Congrats to
@travislemonwellness, @shandyelaine_acupuncture, 
@blaackbirdsinging & @aptusalchemy
winners of this giveaway!  
We will be doing this again in November,  
and the prize will be the NEW Bitters Spray Sampler.  
You can join the conversation and be in the running for our  
next giveaway by following us on Instagram

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David Winston's Herbal Jeopardy-Autumn Edition Contest    

Answer correctly & you will be entered into a drawing to win a H&A "Coupon" worth $50.00 towards future purchases of our quality products.   
Our Summer Contest Winner was Jolene Cooper, but Congrats to all who answered Lycium, botanical name "Lycium barbarum".
David Winston's Herbal Salon 2020 Schedule*    

Haven't attended David's free Herbal Salons? You are missing a unique educational opportunity.  
  • Open to Herbalist & Alchemist wholesale accounts
  • Online once a month on Wednesdays at Noon Eastern time
  • If you are a practitioner or health food store employee and wish to receive an invitation, please email
December 2 - Sleep/Insomnia
*Dates and Topics are subject to change  
Center For Herbal Studies
Welcome New Students
David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies    
David's students have started this year fully online due to COVID but all are deeply engaged in the vast wealth of herbal knowledge they are obtaining. The Herbalist Training Program meets every Tuesday evening.   
The next 2 year course will start September 2022. David's past students use their training in a variety of ways: clinical work, research, hospital care, product manufacturing, retailing and educating.    
Use the button above to find more information or see where else David is teaching on his Center for Herbal Studies website
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