Coming Home: Sacred People, Sacred Land
On the last day of August, we joyfully welcomed Swami Radhananda/Mary-Ann back to her home here at the Ashram.

Swami Radhananda was the president and spiritual director of Yasodhara Ashram for 21 years, and she has been working with the challenge of Alzheimers Disease. As you may know, last December she had a fall that took her to the hospital and kept her bed bound. Her move to a long-term care home provided the support she needed at the time. Her family, friends and students sat with her each day, supplementing institutional care with our own loving care. She knew we were there for her.

When COVID hit and the care homes closed their doors, we were blessed to be among those who were allowed one essential family visitor. Her daughter devotedly carried the responsibility of being the only loving connection seven days a week for six months without respite.
Francesca Cogorna, an Ashram resident and teacher, asked people what were their favorite places at the Ashram.
Fall flowers to remind of us of the golden light of Autumn.
Figuring out what to do with all those green tomatoes? Here is a delicious salsa from our Preserving Kitchen
for you to try.
Feeling homesick about your spiritual home? Take an aerial flight around the mountains, Kootenay Lake and the garden.
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