September, 2014
  • Glastonbury Report
  • Come with us to Lake Titicaca: $970.00
  • New School Connection
  • Core rejuvenation of the organs
  • September Message from the Angels, Lee Cook
Have a Blessed Autumn Equinox!

May you revere the coming darkness in balance with the light.For it is in the dark that we are always on our own; and it is from this place that we can silently nurture the growth of our own souls.
Glastonbury Report
We called ourselves the Sisters of Avalon. What a wonderful journey we had with perfect weather to the mystical lands of Arthurian lore, Joseph of Arimethea, and the goddess energies at the Heart Chakra of the Universe!

Starting our pilgrimage and led by Sarah Hoskin Clymer,  we walked 6 to 10 miles along the energized Mary- Michael line that comes up from Cornwall into Glastonbury. Following the pathways through the scenic Somerset Flats, picking blackberries all along the way, we walked right on up to Bridget's Mound which is on the outskirts of Glastonbury and is a sacred place celebrating Bridget and Mary Magdalene. There to behold each individual in a special greeting was Andi Goldman and her crystal bowl. At the top of the mound, we circled up and celebrated the energies of the Divine Feminine.

"This beautiful Glastonbury Sacred Pilgrimage has held so many incredible blessings for me ... It has truly been a treasure of my life's journey! It has far exceeded all my expectations! The words that come to mind are magical, mystical, spiritual, and enlightening filled with so much joy and love!"  Andi G, Boulder, Colorado

We started the next day with a walk up Wearyall Hill. We had a great time exploring Glastonbury with our knowledgable guide, Tor and went on to St Margaret's Chapel, a lovely space with a warm, golden glow, full of freshly picked pink roses, and directly located on the sacred Mary energy line. After lunch we went to visit the famous Glastonbury Abbey and then walked around the bottom of the Tor to pay a visit to Gog and Maygog, the Oak Trees, thousands of years old, that stood as sentinels for the ancient processional entrance to the Glastonbury Tor. 

Our tour of Glastonbury continued the next day and included a visit to the Chalice Well where we were able to circle up around the vesica pisces at the well head with Andi Goldman and her crystal bowl for an especially healing ceremony. We lovingly lit candles and spent contemplative time in the beautiful gardens. We made it to the top of Glastonbury Tor for all the intense energies of the super moon.

"Thank you so much for organizing this magical mystery tour and bringing together these beautiful souls and profound guides. The guides did not only show us the sacred sites, but also let us experience them in an unique way. It is rare that I feel so connected to people I've never met and land that I have not travelled yet."  Sandra L, Holland

The next day was a free day about town and we were assisted by the local astrologers for readings, sound healers for fine tuning, an Avalon Priestesses for a Goddess Ceremony and there was, of course, lots of fabulous shopping! 
 It was a very special time. The report will be continued in the next newsletter.

"When I first read about the Avalon Pilgrimage with Tina and Adventurous Spirit Travel, it was like hearing my heartsong and I knew I had to be a part of it.
Tina radiates a warmth, gentleness and kindness of spirit that was woven throughout every aspect of this magical and mystical journey to the Isle of Avalon,
the heart chakra of Mother Earth.  I will be forever grateful to our local guides, who shared with me their strong connections to the land and sacred sites, and
who took me on a transformative and inspirational journey through their storytelling, singing, chanting, and drumming.  And I'm grateful to the beautiful and inspirational soul sisters that I met on this journey, for their wisdom, grace, laughter, and tender power.  Thank you Tina!"
~Stephanie H, Canada
Have you ever been to Lake Titicaca?
We still have room for you!
PERU: OCT 26 - Nov 2

Our planned pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca, the Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth is packed full of beautiful places. We will be spending nights on 2 different islands, including the Island of the Sun. We will visit the locations of the crystal cities, where most people never go and will have special ceremonies at important portals. We still have room for you to join us on this one week journey to one of the most important energy centers of our planet. 
The deadline is past, but since we still have room on this part of our journey, we can fit you in! 
Cost to Lake Titicaca: $970.00.
Please call for more information. 720-217-1829.

Will you be joining us as we enter the mystical Andes, the 
new feminine energy center of the world? This will be our last adventure to the Andes for a few years. Please contact now if plan to join us.
Call Tina: 720-217-1829

We have a beautiful journey planned! 
Starting with a train ride to Aguas Calientes, we will stay for 3 nights so that we can truly take in all the Light energy and the mystical knowledge of Machu Picchu, the ancient City of Light. We will have ceremonies at the most sacred places there, guided by native shaman.
We will explore the Sacred Valley with the waters of the Urubamba River flowing past the timeless Temples, and the wonderful Apus soaring above. We will visit with the people, weavers and farmers of the land, dressed in their traditional skirts and hats.

Cusco, once the navel of the Universe beckons us as we celebrate the wonderful energies in this city which is now a cosmopolitan center, surrounded by still powerful temples and fantastic architecture.

From there, we travel on to Lake Titicaca, the location of the Second Chakra of our Earth. This is the center for Creativity. Here, at the sacred energy points, we will have ceremonies focusing on our personal development for this aspect of our lives. We want to be filled with the inspiration to create our lives to be lived in fulfilling and happy ways. 

Traveling with my friend and amazing guide, Rosse Mary Vargas we will stay with the local people and have profound, transformative experiences at the ancient temples and on the lands which are full of amazing energies. Please watch the video below with Rosse at Lake Titicaca.
Tata and Titicaca
Tata and Titicaca
Contact us today, if you would like to join us!
 How are we creating our 
sister school in Bhutan?

Ryan Elementary School of Lafayette, Colorado will be the new sister school of 
Wolathang Elementary School in
 Punakha Province, Bhutan!


Adventurous Spirit Travel was approached for help by the principal and teachers of Wolathang Elementary School last year while visiting in a remote area of Bhutan. We approached Ryan Elementary School, known for its intention of "being a part of the world wide community."  Principal Toby Bassoff has reported that the idea of a sister school was presented to the school and that it has been "unanimously approved by the PTA and the School Leadership Team." We look forward to fostering the new relationship throughout this next school year!


So far we have raised $1,000.00 by the generous efforts of our wonderful donors.

Our goal is still short $9,000.00. We appreciate your help! If others would like to donate, please see below.


Wolathang Dreams
Wolathang Dreams of Sustainability

Please donate HERE.

Click on where it says Donate (right hand side) and then where it says PURPOSE, put: Bhutan School.  THANK YOU!!  


Core: Our new amazing product!

RAIN announces the new CORE product!
the very best of seed nutrition!

Black cumin
Milk Thistle
Cranberry Seeds

All oils are cold pressed from the seeds and then combined with high quality, organic greens:
Dandelion plants, aloe vera inner leaf, wheat grass juice, Kale powder, chlorella, spirulina powder, chlorophyllin

A super food, yielding a product that cleanses and rejuvenates the organs.
 It balances the ph in your body for a healthy life.

  Call with questions. 

Angel Message for September 2014
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,
The divine compliments and complexities of energies that come together to make the most beautiful flower ever to bloom, also create who you are.

Like this flower, you have roots of energy: your former selves, your ancestry on Earth and  your celestial connections. You also carry the potential light of who you will become, just like the flower holds the seeds of birth and light within its very petals.

Your spiritual seeds hold the most precious and best aspects of your soul. Imagine your spiritual seeds taking flight, like seeds upon the wind, pollinating and enhancing your life and the lives of those around you, with all that you have come to offer the world: your love, your wisdom, your laughter and joy, your imagination and intelligence.

We delight in witnessing the flow of love that emerges from each one of you, when you choose to share your value with others.

We thank you for your part in the boundless and bountiful creation of the Universe.
with Love,
The Angels

Thank You, Until Next Time



"And I keep hearing from the cellar bin
The rumbling sound
Of load on load of apples coming in.
For I have had too much
Of apple-picking: I am overtired
Of the great harvest I myself desired."

from: "After Apple Picking"
by Robert Frost





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