A Note from Scott and Marsha
November 11, 2021
It's that time of year when you see all sorts of animal activity. I think they love fall as much as we do. I particularly love seeing the deer prints in the early morning. I will see their walking paths and chuckle when I see a circle around a shrub and think, "Hmmmm. That isn't deer resistant." Or sometimes I will see a deer resistant plant that has been nibbled. Go figure. Animals are about as predictable as humans, am I right? These two (aka HR/Security/Therapy Team) are about as unpredictable as it gets.  

We have had all sorts of animals on our property. Our property is surrounded by an 8' fence line in order to keep deer off the property. So far it has worked well unless a tree falls or a large limb creates an unexpected opening.  Fortunately, John doesn't mind walking the fence line and assessing repairs for us. I always say I will walk sometime with him and then I think of spiders and snakes and hidden wasp nests and I chicken out every single time. I guess at some point I should make myself overcome this fear. Maybe next quarter.  

The other morning as I made the final curve that brought me to the nursery, there was a car partially on the side of the road. I thought to myself that it wasn't a very smart place to stop and have the rear of your car on the actual road, particularly during the morning commute. When I was almost around said driver, I realized their entire windshield was smashed. What in the world??? It dawned on me that they hit a turkey because that exact morning 10 minutes earlier, I passed three turkeys and one almost ran out in front of my car and I had to slam on my brakes!  

I am from a long line of hunters and it wasn't for sport. If you plan to hunt it, you are going to eat it. But to be honest, I don't know if this applies to a turkey that smashes your windshield and ruins your day. Personally, I am more of a "grocery girl" than I am a "roadkill girl." Clearly, I should have run into the garden center and taken that lady a houseplant while she waited for help. Missed opportunity. Dang it.  

Be safe out there because you just never know what might run out of the woods. And if Tom Turkey ends up ruining your day, we have something to cheer you up, I'm certain of it!
FGS Holiday Market
Saturday, November 13
9 am - 3 pm

Get your holiday shopping done early and done local. Swing by our first annual Holiday Market on November 13! We’ll have local artists, musicians, bakers, and small business owners who will have an amazing selection of handmade (or hand-baked!) items that will make your holiday season shopping a breeze!

The Durham County Extension Master Gardeners will have a booth set up to answer any and all questions related to gardening and plants. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

We’ll have Doherty’s Paddy Wagon out serving up some delicious food, and The Potting Shed will be open as well.

For a running list of the vendors who will be in attendance, please click here.

There is no cost to attend. Come celebrate the season with us and support local!
Music in the Garden
Michael Daughtry & the Drift
November 13, 2021
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Music starts at 7:00 PM

Rock on!

We've rescheduled our final Music in the Garden and we are ready to party! Join us this Saturday, November 13, as Michael Daughtry and the Drift take us on a musical journey.

Food Vibes Only food truck will be serving some delicious menu items, and we'll have smore's kits available for anyone who wants to enjoy one of our fire pits! The Potting Shed will be open to serve during this event, but please note that the Garden Center will be closed for shopping.

Pumpkins, annuals & perennials (4" pots), and
herb veggies are
50% OFF!!
while supplies last
These plants are gorgeous- and they know it. They love higher humidity when possible, and can tolerate low light, but they are very particular about their watering schedules. Some varieties will fold their leaves, which has earned them the "prayer plant" nickname. Calatheas are pet-friendly and come in a wide variety of sizes. A great option for taking that step from novice to advanced beginner!
Cats and small children aren't always condusive to plant collections, but hanging pots are a great way to build your collection without putting too much within reach of little hands (or paws). There are plenty of hanging pot options to choose from; pots that hang from the ceiling or from the wall, wooden base hanging shelves, and even macrame hangers like this one! The best part about macrame hangers is that they work with pretty much any pot, so you can display your favorite standard pot with ease!
These beautiful bushes come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, it's hard to pass them up! They are darling Southern belles that come in a variety of sizes and colors. They like less-frequent watering, which makes them great options for raised beds or outdoor pots and planters. They prefer cool, lightly shaded areas but are overall an easy, gorgeous addition to your landscaping.
Saturday, November 13, 10AM

Join us for an informative session on winter houseplant care. The class will address any necessary environmental and cultural adaptations to keep your houseplants happy and healthy until the spring growing season! Don’t miss this opportunity to help your plants survive the harsh changes that come with indoor gardening in winter.

Fee is $15.00; includes a watering tool

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach
Sunday, November 14, 11AM

We LOVE fall here at FGS! We’ll be hosting one last round of the Fall Floral Arrangements class before diving into the holidays.
In this class, you’ll learn how to make a tabletop floral arrangement and have tons of fun in the process! This fresh arrangement will be the perfect “pop” to your fall décor.

(Please note that this class will be similar to the Sept 26 and Oct 14 classes!)

Fee is $35/person; includes all supplies, a mimosa, and a breakfast pastry!

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Lindsay Valdez, FGS Plant Coach, Owner of Sweet Serendipity
Plant Tip of the Week:
Make Your Beds
Is your flower garden starting to look brown? Have no fear; your perennials are merely settling in for a winter nap! Now is the time to cut them back so they can wake up dewey-eyed and fresh in the spring. If you need some guidance, check out this blog post! And if you need some annuals to add in some bright spots while you wait for your perennials to wake back up, stop by the Garden Center- we still have some left!
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