Autumn News Bulletin 2019

 Xenia zu Hohenlohe Introduction
And we thought Q3 was going to be a little less busy than Q2- certainly not the case when it comes to driving climate solutions!
Indeed action is accelerating and one event seems to be chasing the next.
Students are flooding the streets across the globe to demonstrate for climate action. Extinction Rebellion have added a new extremism as well as urgency to the demands on politicians, corporate and private companies to stop the ‘business as usual’. (read our blog on this)
Should you agree or not on this approach, the reality is that of the 18 warmest years on record, 17 have occurred since 2000 (source European Environmental Agency). The year 2018 was the world’s fourth warmest year on record after the years 2016, 2015 and 2017. And sadly 2019 is set to look quite similar.

Small actions, one movement
Save money AND protect our environment with the app that helps you manage the energy usage of your hospitality business and help save the planet.
Manage your energy consumption easily
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50 Shades of Green in Athens!
The Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum (MR&H) kicks off in Athens today! Part of the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) series, this forum offers a meeting place for the industry.

Considerate Managing Partner Xenia will be moderating a panel at the event on Thursday morning.

Earlier this month the organisers interviewed Xenia on her #50shadesofgreen.
Behavioural Change & Data = a winning formula for change
One of our UK-based hotel groups has been using  Con-Serve™  to monitor their electricity and gas usage since 2015. In 2017 Considerate Group delivered a series of workshops to address consumption hotspots identified through Con-Serve as well as educating staff on initiatives to effectively drive reductions in energy use.

The focus was on behavioural change rather than capital investment, and best practices from the industry were then shared among the group, such as reducing boiler temperatures by several degrees, insulating pipes and installing light sensors in public areas.
Choose Greener Stationery!
Many hospitality businesses want to be more sustainable without compromising on design or paying a huge premium. Ensuring all your stationery is as sustainable as possible is a relatively straightforward switch to make - and can also provide a great talking point.

The Green Stationery Company began offering a greener alternative 30 years ago - and this family-run business has maintained it's strong ethical and environmental focus with the changing times.

They offer menus and papers in a range of sustainable and sometimes unusual materials, including Alga Carta paper which is made from Algae from the Venice lagoon - algae which would otherwise damage fragile marine areas.

SMETS2 smart meters: A Case Study
SMETS2 meters have a lot to offer small businesses. Once installed you’ll never have to read your meter again, offering certainty you’re paying for your actual consumption   and not an estimated figure calculated from your historical data.

This is particularly important if a business is making genuine efforts to become more energy efficient – if their older meters are not read regularly (as they often are not), they will not see the fruits of their efforts reflected in their bills until their meter is eventually read again.

From our technological product Con-Serve we know the power of providing more data. It helps to engage the user by allowing them to examine their consumption in more detail – once this is provided to the user savings often come seemingly automatically due to this increased engagement .
Meet the Considerate Team!
The team at Considerate is growing!

We are constantly developing our technology and services to keep improving our offering.

We are a team of sustainability and hospitality experts, driving responsible business practices and offering sustainable solutions within the industry.

We are brought together by our core values: Considerate, Collaborative, Innovative, Dedicated, Honest, Leaders
Be part of the solution
As specialists in providing innovative tailored energy management tools - Con-Serve ,   Fluttr - for the hospitality industry, Considerate Group has once again been selected by BEIS   to further expand our offering by exploring a matchmaking service between SME hospitality businesses, approved suppliers and third-party lenders to finance energy efficiency projects for SMEs.

“Winning two government bids by BEIS in a row is a huge achievement of which we are immensely proud” - Benedetta Cassinelli, co-Founder/Partner of Considerate, confirms.

As part of our research, we are gathering opinions of companies supplying the hospitality industry with energy efficiency technology solutions. If you would be interested in taking part, please get in touch.

We are also looking for those in SME hospitality businesses to complete a very short survey. Please click the link below to get involved - it really is very short!
Sustainability Takes Top Priority on the Business Agenda
To reiterate Xenia’s comments from our Summer newsletter, the second quarter of 2019 was one of our busiest quarters in a long time, and the Considerate team was part of a plethora of key industry and climate events.

As the Business Development Manager at Considerate, an important part of my work is participating in and attending a number of key hospitality and sustainability events. The theme at almost all events so far this year, has been that the momentum and demand for sustainability to become an integral part of business strategy and operations is growing exponentially, and will only continue to become more prominent.
Room to Reward
By the end of 2019, the hotel industry will have donated £500,000 worth of breaks to society’s Hidden Heroes at virtually no cost.

This landmark achievement is made possible through Room to Reward – a unique charity that works on a simple premise. Hotels donate their anticipated unsold rooms, charities and communities nominate their inspirational volunteers for a break, Room to Reward make it happen.

Enjoy a more sustainable Christmas
The clocks have gone back and the evenings have suddenly got a lot darker throughout Europe – Christmas must be coming!

During this time of celebration, we wanted to offer some thoughts on how to make Christmas a little more sustainable in your business – with top charities to support.

Christmas decorations look wonderful – but unfortunately can be very wasteful. If you are having a real tree on site, look for an  FSC certified  or  Soil Association -approved tree. Try to think long term and creatively about your decoration options! Carnaby Street in London are set to dazzle us with a  sustainable display of lights  representing areas of the ocean in need of conservation – and featuring recycled and reusable materials. Proving once again that sustainability doesn’t have to mean missing out!

Independent Hotel Show
The Independent Hotel Show was back at Olympia London on 15 and 16 October and Xenia was delighted to be part of the panel on The Conscious Hotel Bedroom.

The panel - including hoteliers Olivia Richli from Heckfield Place and Sue Williams of Whatley Manor, plus Alex Harris, founder of designers Harris & Harris - discussed the findings of the Conscious Bedroom Report. With 76% of holidaymakers stating that hotels 'could do more to be greener', responsible hospitality shows no sign of going away!

Always great to see sustainability so front of mind at such a key hospitality event!
The impact of sustainable practices on the financial statement of a hotel
With younger generations becoming increasingly vocal about their concerns for their future on planet earth, sustainability has become a topic of frequent and intense discussion. Positively, these conversations have led to new initiatives, reinforced legislations and product innovations in most industries, all intended to improve the current state of the world we live in.

While the scientific evidence supports the need for global change, doubt about the economic profitability of adopting sustainable practices has discouraged many hotel owners from doing so. PKF hotelexperts has published a Whitepaper seeking to convince more hotel owners to integrate sustainable systems and highlighting the changes that can be made in each department and their associated financial benefits. With financial performance remaining the key metric for most industries, the subsequent chapters, following the structure of a typical hotel profit and loss statement (USALI format), highlight how implementing sustainable practices into a hotel operation impacts the bottom line.
Committed to being Considerate!
We are delighted to work with so many hotels who are committed to responsible hospitality, and are are proud to be supporting them on their sustainability journey.

Check out our website & get in touch if you would like to find out more about joining our Considerate network!