Autumn Reflections
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I am happy to be able to sit down and express some thoughts to you, as I haven't written a newsletter in a while. I know a lot has been going on in your life. For me and many others that is true too. With the ebbs and flows, comes growth and the opportunity to create anew. This newsletter shares some reflections on current energies collectively and personally, as well as season updates. 

Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach
It's that beautiful time of year again when you can feel the autumn energy in the crispness of the air, see it in the turning leaf colors, and smell it in the savory aromas, as you find yourself immersed in a new cycle of corresponding activities. There is an air of more seriousness taking over as life transitions anchor in.

Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle and a time of harvest and storage. And with Fall's presence comes a cycle that supports organizing your life and going more within your mind and body to reflect on everything, as opposed to the more external, Fire element that Summer engaged us with. The Autumn season, according to Oriental medicine, is associated with the element of Metal, which reflects the energy of organization, communication, order, the mind, and protecting boundaries. It's a good time for putting closure to projects started and a good time to begin more introspective projects.

The beautiful fall energy and leaves provide inspiration and support personal growth, especially for developing your sense of awareness and intuition of everything within your internal environment and how that is reflecting in your external world. They also signify transformation and endings that create the opportunity for new doors of beginnings to open.

With Scorpio's energy in both the Sun and Saturn currently, this is adding to the need to be conscious about the inner experience more than ever. I keep hearing how many are going through some pretty heavy and crazy things right now that seem to be hitting out of no where, just like that quick sting of the Scorpion, when you least expect it - job losses, relationship break-ups, loved ones transitioning, illness, life shifts, etc. However, the more you consciously tune within, the less likely the surprises need to have such adverse affects on your well-being. Everything is in transition and transforming - purging if you may - in order for the new to emerge and take form. If you are going through challenges, remember you have family, friends and support systems that can assist. You need only to ask. Cultivating gratitude and building trust that you will be supported and loved through the process while things shift into new inspiration for what's to come will make a difference. Be loving and patient with yourself through it all. 

Things are constantly shifting. There is no time to worry and expend on what has passed, if you're busy creating in the moment. That energy of the moment will shift anything unpleasant that "has" been and allows everything to start anew if you choose. That does not mean you condone or forget even though you forgive, but wisdom carries over, ensuring you do not repeat certain choices and learns to process more effectively anything else that presents itself. Not only is energy shifting rapidly, but so are we. People do have the ability to change overnight so it is wise to suspend conditioned judgments, which are anchored in the past and do not reflect the new loving intentions desired, as we may be losing out on the fullness of experiences and present opportunities. 

I've been reflecting on a lot of things myself, recently, and like clock-work had retreated more within, a bit ahead of schedule. I've found myself spending more time in nature, by the ocean, reading significant books I was drawn to, working with powerful new crystals and celestial support systems, creating and building new things, delving beneath the surface of everything that comes up in my experience, then re-evaluating and shifting it all immediately, learning to honor my intuition implicitly and embracing my origins, receiving more profound messages and following them, creating radical visions I'm working towards that will completely flip my world (ironically, more in alignment) - yeah you could say this all coincides well with the Scorpio energy. But I'm working to stay on top of the energy, so when the stings come in, I either transmute it, or avoid it. I'm learning to hone in on the power of alchemy and more deeply supporting what I know in my heart. It's a daily practice that is not only enjoyable, but creates immediate results. We all have human emotions that express themselves when triggered. The key is in learning how to process them so we regain control rather than allow anything to take control over us. 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.... ~Charles Dickens

Two sides of the coin exist simultaneously and at any moment we can choose which to focus on and experience. At the same time, if you are experiencing one, as in pain or struggles, then know you are simply on the leg of the journey back to its flip side. 

In the midst of change I've been busy creating what is reflective of my heart's mission. Everything continually evolves and I'm constantly excited by what emerges from the transformative ashes. I feel a greater layer of depth and commitment has been reached within that connects me with more peace and joy as I honor it. A lot is changing in my environment, as reflection of my inner experience shifting, including the crystals I work with, am releasing, and other purging both energetically and literally. In essence, I'm honoring the ways that are native to me.

Have you found yourself feeling and doing similar? If so, it is aligned with our return to natural harmony, which starts within each of us and then reflects outwardly. 

There will be new things to share in the coming months and new year, along with some expansive developments I'm intending towards manifesting - very excited! I know many of you have big dreams or intents you are working towards too and now is the perfect time to utilize all that you have available and that you've learned, in order to create it. 

For now, I'm living in the creation of the moment with my current focuses and work, while supporting others and finding new ways I can be of greater service, which stems from channeling what is most authentic for me. The personal expressions of our individual gifts build the strength of the collective fabric.

I will be away on vacation in the Caribbean, on the small island of Grenada between 11/4 - 11/12 without email access and outside world contact. The journeys I am guided to always prove fruitful in invaluable gifts. So I look forward to this immensely and how it will reflect in my creations. If you have anything you would like to contact me about that is time sensitive, please do so before the 4th or after the 12th, as I will not be able to get in touch.

This Fall's updates and new annoucements can be found below, including my upcoming art gallery exhibit with 2 fun reception celebrations, a compassionate event and silent auction, our Bimini Retreat that is nearing, in home Reiki treatments for locals, a brand new art workshop series, and a chance to attend the Pendulum 101 class again. 

I wish you abundant peace to fill your heart and magical gifts to fill your journey.

In Love,

Tania Marie

THE LIBERTY Art Gallery: Menage Mixed Exhibit
~ Universal ARKitecture Series Debut ~


If in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Saturday 11/10 is an opportunity to celebrate an evening filled with art, music, appetizers, desserts, wine and tarot readings! Details can be found here: Art Exhibit at The Liberty Art Gallery


I'm excited to have my new series, Universal ARKitecture, as part of this group art exhibit and honored to be a special guest.


THE LIBERTY Art Gallery will also be celebrating their 1 year anniversary so it's a special evening all around!


I will be unable to make the opening, but will be there for the closing reception celebration on Saturday 12/1.


My Joyful Earth Crystals partner, Allison Jacobson, will be hosting my paintings at the opening. Hope you can make one of the celebrations and look forward to connecting in person.

Farm Sanctuary: 2012 Celebration for the Turkeys
~ Vegan Inspired Tattoo Designs to Reflect You ~

I've donated a 2-hour vegan-themed tattoo design (worth $250) to The 2012 Celebration for the Turkeys event and silent auction at Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres in Acton, CA. For more information about the event and how to register see 2012 Celebration for the Turkeys

If you would like to commission your own vegan-themed tattoo design or any sacred tattoo design that reflects you, here is more information about the process: Sacred Tattoo Design Consultation
Reiki 1 & 2 Certification in Bimini, Bahamas
~ Activate Healing & Empowerment 12/21/12 ~

Swim with wild dolphins, enjoy healthy raw vegan or cooked vegan food, yoga, receive Reiki 1 & 2 certification, make new friends, anchor in the New Earth energies & more!

Less than 2 months before we embark on this beautiful journey. Registration needed to hold your place. A few spots left. All details found here: Bimini Retreat
In Home Reiki Treatment Sessions
~ Bringing Peace & Balance to You ~

If local to the OC and LA areas, you can schedule Reiki house calls in the privacy of your own home for relaxation, relief or healing support, including pre-and-post-op services, or general pick-me-ups. Some prefer the convenien
ce and hands-on experience for an hour of self nurturing. If this describes your needs, you can find all details at the link and let me know how I can be of service: In Home Reiki
Creating Life as a Work of Art Workshop Series
~ An Artistic Exploration of Your Creative Power~

An empowering 9-series workshop beginning 1/13/13 to nurture the artist within, as you stimulate your creativity and jump start your dream life. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Ongoing classes will be available after the series for those wanting to continue deepening the layers of their journey.

Utilizing art as a medium, I will gently guide you through an artistic exploration to assist you in learning more about yourself and help you to harness your unique creative expression, while increasing the depth of your spiritual connection. This artistic process balances by activating conscious awareness of all your parts and helps develop deeper connection with the heart and right brain - learning how to manifest through deeper cultivation of each. You will take steps to realizing your joys, passions and latent gifts and have the confidence to continue walking the path of an artist in life.

This is a sneak peak into a new workshop that will start in the new energy of 2013! More details to come in a follow-up newsletter. 


You can contact me with questions or pre-register at


WHEN: Starting Sunday 1/13/13 ~ 10am - 3pm

WHERE:  Costa Mesa 

INVESTMENT INTO YOU: $1575 for the 9 series or $200 individually - canvases included 
(savings of $225 if paid as a series package)


Pendulum 101: A Fun Intro to 
~ Pendulums & Trusting Your Intuition ~

This class will be retaught on a new date to be determined. If you were interested in this class before, but the date didn't work, you can contact me and either a private class can be arranged, or when I get a handle on everyone's schedules and availability a date that works for the group will be set. This is a two hour class. Details on what will be covered can be found here: Pendulum 101

WHERE:  Costa Mesa


Pre-registration required. A Secure Paypal Invoice will be sent to you. If you prefer to pay in cash, 24 hour notice needed to cancel. If for some reason you are unable to attend, after registering, we can schedule a private class for you on a date that works better for your schedule and needs. 
Thank you for your understanding.
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