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It's September! The leaves are changing, the season's turning, and everything is in a state of flux. Our new buddies are getting their feet on the ground, and our integration program has proved itself again and again. The more often the kids come in, the quicker they settle in, and the more they get out of their experience. 

Buddings as an educational childcare option is our focus this month, but our flexible scheduling has been getting lots of attention lately, too. We were featured on CBC earlier this month, and are about to be listed on Vancity's Successful Businesses of 2012. Their photographer will be in the centre this Friday for a photoshoot, so if you're coming in between 2 and 4pm, you could even be part of the story. 

It's also the return of our seasonal Buy 3, Get 1 FREE special and with so much on the go, you know the months will pass by in a blink. Why not tick "arrange childcare" off your to-do list, and save 25% while you're at it?

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Buy 3, get 1 FREE returns!
Brain-based learning
Farewell to Jenny Bachhuber
Bellies to Babies Fair - Sept. 30
First Aid and Responsible Adult Training
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Seasonal Savings! Buy 3 months, get 1 month FREE!


September has brought in over a dozen new members and we're so happy that everyone is starting to settle in. Starting something new can be upsetting, and it may seem strange, but the quickest way to get used to new things is to build them into a routine. 

With that in mind, our seasonal special makes buying more hours more affordable! When you buy hours for October, November, and December before Sept. 24, you get the same package for January for FREE. That's an easy 25% discount on hours you can use to prep for Thanksgiving visitors, take your Movember hairstyle to the salon, and get your Christmas shopping done and safely hidden from little eyes. 

Already have hours for October? Even better! With just November and December to buy, you're saving even more! Just don't forget to book them before Sept. 24.

Brain-based learning: The backbone of Buddings

Last month, our survey respondents told us they weren't aware that Buddings offers an educational learning environment for toddlers and preschoolers. Almost everyone knew about our out-of-this-world flexibility, and that our system uses a web-based booking calendar to make scheduling a breeze, but over 25% asked for more information on our program and philosophy.  
We're happy to oblige, and want to make sure you understand that when you bring your child to Buddings, they're coming to a dynamic learning space specifically created to make the most of their brains' ability to form and retain connections about how the world works. In fact, the more often they come in, the more they'll get out of our program.
You get a sense of our appreciation for children's brains when you come through the door and see the toys on the shelves, but there's a whole science to creating a developmentally stimulating environment. Check out our blog article on brain-based learning to find out how we apply developmental psychology in our centre and some tips so you can bring the Buddings experience home.
Fond farewell to Jenny Bachhuber, and best of luck!


You may have already heard, but at the end of this month, our beautiful and creative ECE extraordinaire is returning to her hometown of Ottawa Ontario, where she will be reconnecting with family after 3 years in British Columbia. 
Jenny has been instrumental in helping us get Buddings off the ground, and her experience and expertise in the childcare industry are the guiding principles behind many of the daily routines your children already know by heart. After a year in her company, Lawrence has earned his 5-year license, and will be taking over as Daycare Supervisor, and while we'll miss Jen's unconditional positive regard, her caring approach and supportive style will remain pillars of our program.  
She'll be at Buddings for the rest of the month, finishing on Sept. 28, but if you'd like to get in touch or say goodbye, you can still reach her at
Find us at the Bellies to Babies Fair - Sept. 30, 2012
If you've never heard of this bi-annual celebration of children and mothers, let us be the ones to introduce you: The Bellies to Babies Fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre is your one-stop shop for all your pregnancy, baby, and child needs. From cloth diapers, kiddie trends and activities, to sleep schedules, fire-proof pjs, and just everything you never knew you needed for kids under 6. We attended the spring show and learned so much our heads almost exploded. 
Buddings is exhibiting, we're at booth #29, and if you stop by you can enter our draw for a Melissa & Doug Art Easel, just like the ones at Buddings! We're also running special promotions for any applicants on the day, and some other fun attractions and sneak peek previews of some upcoming announcements. 
There are informational talks happening all day, and admission is a donation of goods or cash to Basics for Babies, with door prizes and gifts for attendees.
Spot Light


Did you know that Vancity is the largest Credit Union in Canada, and has been in business since 1946? While that's pretty awesome, they're also extremely devoted to ethical business practices, supporting their community, and sustainability. 

They're even carbon neutral! That's why Buddings banks there, and why you might like to consider them, too. :)

Spaces Available - First Aid, and "Responsible Adult" Courses
You've already heard about all the cool courses and workshops our interns are taking over the next few months, and if you've thought "I wish I could take some of those..." you're in luck!

With three participants already on the roster, we've decided to host the Childcare Emergency First Aid course and "Responsible Adult" course here at Buddings. These are both required if you're considering a childcare profession, and even if you're just curious to know a bit more, it's an excellent introduction to the basics. 

The First Aid course is the Canadian Red Cross program and is taking place on Sunday Oct. 14, from 9am to 5pm, and we have 5 more spaces available. The cost is $95.20 (inc. tax), and your certificate lasts for 3 years. 

We also have 5 spaces available in the Responsible Adult course, happening at Buddings in four 5-hour blocks, on Sundays from Oct. 21 - Nov. 18 (with no class on Nov. 11). It covers child guidance and development, safety, nutrition, and activity planning with a recognized certificate at the end. The cost is $200 (inc. tax). 

For more information about either course, please contact Talia

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